Friday, November 6, 2015

The Irresistible Rogue (Playful Brides #4) by Valerie Bowman

In an order to help save her brother from certain harm, Daphne marries spy for the crown, Rafe. Now as a year has passed, Daphne wants an annulment from the man who plagues her dreams in order to seek marriage with a respectable and staid man. Rafe will agree to this annulment, but Daphne must accompany him on a mission. Daphne has matured since her fateful marriage to the roguish Rafe and she is done with uncertainty. 

After the loss of Daphne's brother and Rafe's friend, the guilt he carries still causes an ache in his very soul, but one thing he knows, he doesn't really want an annulment from Daphne and he will find a way to thwart her engagement to bore of a man who she has chosen. First both Daphne and Rafe must solve the mystery of Donald's death. Rafe has leads on where to find the murderers and Daphne's knowledge of the German language will help. Aside from danger and intrigue, the emerging romance between the secretly married pair is a winning combination for the fast paced and inventive tale. 

The innocent Daphne contrives of a way to get Rafe to release her from her marital chains while assisting him in the search for  killer, but the more she works at this, the faster she falls. Rafe is all things protective for his wayward wife and when the heat begins to rise, he won't be running away, but toward the flame. 

THE IRRESISTIBLE ROGUE by the eloquent and talented Valerie Bowman is yet another winner in her Playful Brides series. 



  1. This book is on my list to read next! Thanks for the review.

  2. Love the premise and the cover is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Great review :)