Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tempted: The Wicked Woodleys by Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels is most definitely one of my favorite authors. Never have I picked up a book by this talented author and not come away with running the gamut of emotions. In TEMPTED (The Wicked Woodleys), we finally get to hear youngest son, Gabriel's story.

Still unnerved and at a loss with his twin sister Claire's disappearance, Gabriel Woodley struggles with the day to day. The loss of his closest sibling has him has Gabriel denying himself a life. He feels responsible for searching for Claire, even though she does not want to be found.

Juliet Grey has been nursing Lady Woodley back to health after having fallen ill. Now that his mother is back on her feet, she invites Juliet and her father to spend the holidays with the Woodley family. Reluctantly, Juliet joins in the adventure, as she tries to stay out of Gabriel's way as she has a bit of an attraction to him which can go nowhere. When Juliet deduces that her father and Lady Woodley are a bit more than old friends, she tries to enjoy the warmth and joy of watching Lady Woodley and her father renew said friendship, but Gabriel's presence keeps her off kilter.

When Juliet offers her help to Gabriel in his search for Claire, the pair come to see that the attraction they have for one another is not only mutual, but powerful as well. Danger lurks in the search for Claire and when Juliet is caught in the crossfire, Gabriel must decide which is more important, his obsession for his sister, or the love of the woman who could be his future. 

TEMPTED by Jess Michaels is an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. It's a well written read but quite honestly not my favorite in the series. I was expecting a bit more from Gabriel as he actually is one of my favorite Woodleys. I always enjoy the tortured hero, even if this time he only tortures himself. That could be my issue, but thankfully Juliet's perseverance outshines Gabriel's tortured soul. 


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