Monday, January 4, 2016

Tied to Trouble (Gamers #3) by Megan Erickson GUEST REVIEW BY Rosalie Belle

Chad, the ever loving bad boy that just does not want to grow up, loves his sister, Marley, more than life. When asked to go to a work party at her house, with free food, obviously he had to go! Trouble started when he ran into, who he didn't know it was at the time, her assistant, wrapped in a sexy as hell bow tie. But being dismissed by this geeky sex god was not in his all.
 Owen was tired of being a wallflower at work. He wanted to be noticed, he wanted to be someone that meant something to the company he and Marley worked for. He was just too shy. He knows he needs to break out of that mold, but how was the major question. Seeing bad boy Chad, brother to his boss – Marley, across the way, he was ruined for life. He was everything he NEVER thought he wanted in a man. But after looking at him once, he knew that was about to change.
The relationship between  these two has its ups and downs, like every relationship. Chad, however, has not really been in a serious relationship, so his struggles tended to weigh the two down more. Chad was a character who always thought the worst of himself, and it tended to bleed in his everyday life. Never thinking he was good enough for anyone worthwhile, or a job that was worth keeping, gliding through life was something he just did. Realizing settling down was bound to happen eventually, the two hoped it could happen between them.

 This book was a great read. I didn’t want to put it down. I felt sorry for Chad throughout most of it. Constantly telling himself he wasn’t worth anything worth keeping; but having the opposite type of character in Owen to pick him up balanced the plot out. The chemistry between the two? STEAMING HOT. Reading the scenes and spontaneity between the two had me fanning myself all over. Definitely a book that is worth the read!


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