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Timeless Moments: The Final Chapter (Timeless Tales, #5) by Ruth A. Casie , Lita Harris, Emma Kaye , Nicole S. Patrick , Julie Rowe , Hope Ramsay (Introduction)

Greetings all! Today in the #BOC Spotlight, we have an anthology of tales by a wonderful group of women. Although it is a holiday themed fare, it can most definitely be read anytime. I had a few of my great team reviewers pick a story that called out to them and write something about it. So without further ado, TIMELESS MOMENTS (The Final Chapter).

In the quaint seaside town of Havenport, Rhode Island, five couples find their happily ever afters with a little help from the romance section of The Final Chapter bookstore. Ruth A. Casie I'll Be Home for Christmas What does a best-selling romance author do when she's lost her muse? Maybe a handsome stranger holds the key. Or maybe he's her worst nightmare. Lita Harris Winter Wonderland A college student's future takes an unexpected turn when she visits her aunt's bookstore and meets a new stranger in town. Emma Kaye Baby, It's Cold Outside She read the spell "To Bring Forth True Love" for entertainment, not expecting a nineteenth century sailor to appear at her side. So what can she do when her soul mate shows up, but doesn't want to stay? Nicole S. Patrick White Christmas A traumatized prosecutor laying low for the holidays makes an unexpected connection to a former Marine. He's trying to rebuild his life, and she wants to get back to the one she left. Can they face each new day as it comes...together? Julie Rowe Merry Christmas, Baby A marine biologist moving back to her home town after the break-up of her marriage doesn't expect to run into her high school crush (literally) only days after returning, or to discover he's not the smooth operator she remembers.
White Christmas, by Nicole S. Patrick

Review by Isabel Almeida –

White Christmas is a Christmas short story taking place in Havenport, where Prosecutor Savannah Moore is spending holidays near her sister Augusta, in order to put herself together due to a violent attack she suffered and that almost took her life.
Savannah helps her sister in a pet care business, and tries to forget the fear, and the danger she had to face, and she is still uncertain about her professional future and needs to reconquer confidence in herself and in her life.
It ´s Christmas season and Santa wants to give our girl a gift, and the gift is Mac MacDonald, a sexy former Marine and now a car mechanic of the rich people of Havenport.
No used to be cared about for the person he really is, surprisingly he finds a level of understanding in Savannah, and the girl finds a lovable, strong, protect full and sexy guy in her way.
The author build up a simple but powerful story, we can feel the sexual tension flowing between the couple, and they start to feel attracted   by each other in a very natural and beautiful and romantic way, but showing both how strong they are.
But danger will come on their way, and they have to be even more resilient. I fell in love with these two, and would love to get to know them better, here´s a tip to Nicole J

GR Stars 4/5

I have just started this box-set and am totally loving it. These are fast pace reads that leave nothing out. For short stories the authors give you all the details you need with no unanswered questions. These are authors I haven't read before which for me was a delightful surprise how they fill the pages and make you fall in love with the characters. They bring you stories you will love and can relate to.

Julie Rowe ~ Merry Christmas, Baby 
Is a very touching read whoever said you can't come home is wrong. Sometimes the one you left behind is the one you are meant to be with. This is a story about misunderstandings of how you believed things to be way back when. It is a shocker when these two find out they were on the same wave length all along missing out on many years they might have been happy in. 

Charles is a delightful hunk of a man who has went through some trying times. He just needs the right girl to show him what love is all about. Mattie is walking away from a bad marriage from a man who put her down. These two must overcome a few issues before they can find their HEA. 

The author puts a lot into a little time, she gives you a wonderful delightful read that pulls at your heartstrings. She fills the page with HOT passion just when you need your pages to burn up. Giving it just the right amount to make this one outstanding hot read. 

You are so going to totally love and enjoy this box-set


Timeless Moments - Baby It's Cold Outside by Emmy Kaye ****
I selected this story from the group of novellas. It was an uplifting Christmas tale of time travel and romance, which are my favorite combinations.
In the beginning, I felt like I had to some how catch up since a few more pages of explanation were needed, as least for me.
Jane Caulfield time traveled with her brother Bastian two hundred years forward. Bastian was married to Winnie who came from the present. The couple have two children and are expecting a third.
Jane casts a spell from an old book and propels her true love Adam Royce forward. His hesitation on whether he will stay or return to his time is what keeps you wanting that HEA ending.
I did enjoy the story,although, I felt the shortness of the novella left something to be desired.



Such a great fast paced read.This novel was written by 5 different authors about 5 different couples in one town, in one year, all at the same time. This was such a great read that really made my day. Although each couples story was short I didn't feel like I was missing out, these were some great short stories. These 5 romances managed to encompass almost all romance sub genres, suspense, firefighter, paranormal, the "grouch" and an overall happy ending. I fell for all of the characters but I have to say the last one was my favorite. I would definitely recommend these stories to anyone who is feeling a little blue about the holiday, needs to believe in good people, or wants their thoughts about love to be rekindled. 

P.S. the last story has some sex. 



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