Friday, January 1, 2016

What Happens on the Ranch (The McCord Brothers) by Delores Fossen

Talented storyteller, Delores Fossen begins 2016 with a bang with her prequel novella to the McCord Brothers series.

Anna McCord, the only female sibling in a group of brothers cannot believe her eyes when she spies her first love, Heath Moore sleeping in the buff in her family's guest room. Memories of her relationship with him come flooding back and the realization that her feelings for him have changed little since she was 17. Now a mature twenty-something, Anna still can't resist Heath's charms, but her brothers have a shovel, and they might use it on Heath.

After his brief but sizzling affair with Anna, Heath went off to the military to make a life for himself but Anna was always on his mind. Maybe staying at her house isn't the best idea, or maybe it IS the best idea. Rekindling a young love could have its share of consequences but it could always have the reward of being with the one he loves.

Short and sexy, WHAT HAPPENS ON THE RANCH by Delores Fossen begins our adventure into McCord territory. We are treated to reunited lovers, Anna and Heath and their struggle in coming to terms with their futures and we meet the protective McCord brothers who have each had a hand in raising their sister after the death of their parents. WHAT HAPPENS ON THE RANCH is a little taste of the fun to come in TEXAS ON MY MIND, go on and give it a try!


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