Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Study in Scandal (Scandalous #3.5) by Caroline Linden

Trying to right a wrong she made several years ago, Lady Samantha Lenox's confession to her strict father backfires when he sets out to punish her by arranging a marriage to a man  Samantha cannot abide by. Desperation has her on the run to find her brother in London, but traveling alone puts her in more danger than she can possibly imagine when she is accosted and almost kidnapped by some shady characters on the streets. 

When Lord George Churchill-Grey sees the young lady in trouble, the artist springs into action to save the young miss after she is pushed into the river. After fishing the young lady out of the water, he takes her to his lodgings to figure it all out. Samantha has never been in a situation like this, but being with the talented artist is a welcome sojourn to the upheaval her life has become. When she becomes a willing model for George, the contentment she feels and ease with which the two slip into a budding friendship sparks something that neither is willing to end. 

A STUDY IN SCANDAL by Caroline Linden is a short but well written tale of two people who are destined to be together. I felt so much for both George's and Samantha's precarious circumstances and was drawn in immediately. This story is actually my first foray into Caroline Linden's books and I am eager to read more by this talented author.


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  1. Hi Kim! I read another of Carolyn's books & liked it. This one caught my eye. Looking forward to reading it!