Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Air I Breathe by Kirsten Lynn

Book Blurb:

The Air I Breathe

A New Breed Of Warrior... LTJG Jack "Cowboy" Kerr doesn't know crap about corn and cattle. But put him in a firefight and he'll clean up like Wyatt Earp on the streets of Tombstone. An elite warrior unleashed on the mangroves and rice paddies of Vietnam, he and his men are common men with an uncommon desire to succeed. It's not long before the name given to them by the Vietnamese, Men with Green Faces, strikes fear in the enemy and gives hope to allies. His life is the Navy...his family the brother SEALs on his left and right. He's the ultimate hunter/operator. But Jack never thought stealing a kiss from a USO girl would change his life and turn him from hunter to hunted. An Old Soul And Tender Heart... Libby Boden is a Wyoming cowgirl, born and bred. Her determination to serve her country and follow her cousins and brother lands her in Vietnam. She'll do anything to stay in-country, as part of the USO, to be close to her loved ones and the SEAL who stole a kiss and her heart. When tragedy strikes separating her from her Frogman, Libby will use all the lessons learned at the feet of her grandparents, Kyle and Lena Allaway, to hunt him down and show him the Navy forgot to issue him one essential...her. Across three continents... In a world gone crazy, these two might find all they need is the air they breathe and each other...

My  review:
I have never read a book from the Vietnam era in time. I never thought to before this,  and realizing that this is considered Historical now makes me feel rather old. I must say that this story is one of the most gripping tales I have ever read. Author Kirsten Lynn puts her heart and soul into this book and you can tell.  This  Navy SEAL and his Red Cross Volunteer share a passion and sorrow, they share desires and wants. THE AIR I BREATHE takes us into a time where uncertainty and loss were the norm but love still existed. I highly recommend this book not only for the romance involved, but for the lessons learned from this unsettling time in our history.  THE AIR I BREATHE by Kirsten Lynn is an epic tale and will remain on my mind for a long time.


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