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As an employee and friend of Brian Curland, Ben Heston came to Mercury to help get Turnstiles business ventures up and running. Coming out of an 8 year relationship, Ben welcomes the change of scenery. Even though it's just temporary. 
Tripp Lanier is a Mercury native helping run his family's construction business. When he meets Ben, he can't explain his instant attraction but he knows he wants to pursue a relationship with him. But Ben thinks this is just a phase for Tripp and that eventually he'll figure that out. Besides, Ben doesn't plan to stay around, does he?
This Mercury series gets better with every book. Ben and Tripp’s story was every bit as wonderful as the others in this series. Ben has just come out of a long relationship with a man 20 years his senior. He was dumped when his boyfriend found someone more appealing. He’s completely out of his element in Mercury where people have names like Junior, drink Cheerwine, and where fishing is a competitive sport. But this town and the people are getting to him. Especially Tripp, who unashamedly accepts his attraction to and feelings for Ben. But Tripp reminds Ben of himself 8 years ago. He doesn’t want to see Tripp end up hurt like he was. And what about his plans for LA? A relationship with Tripp has too many strings attached. But as Tripp so eloquently put it, “maybe those strings don’t drag you back, but anchor you”. 
As with all the books in this series, Cherry Pop is full of romance, humor, and real characters. There were several funny moments throughout. Tripp’s friend Luke was absolutely hysterical with his thoughts on being gay. I couldn’t stop laughing when he demanded that Tripp become “ungayed”. 
In addition to the humor, there is some really thought provoking dialogue as well. The characters in this series say such profound things. I think Samantha Kane needs to moonlight as a motivational speaker or self -help author! But seriously, I love the dialogue in this whole series. It really helps you get to know the characters on a deeper level. Samantha Kane has such a talent for crafting compelling characters through their thoughts and conversations. 
And lastly, the romance. Watching Ben and Tripp’s relationship evolve was wonderful. I loved that they really got to know one another and form a bond instead of just jumping into the physical. Of course, when they did get to the physical, it was STEAMY!!!!!!!
While Cherry Pop can be read as a stand- alone, I suggest starting this series from the beginning. You really don’t want to miss out on meeting all the people in the town of Mercury. 
A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection.


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