Monday, April 25, 2016

STEPHANIE'S REVIEW OF ~Going All the Way (Knights of Passion Book 1) by Megan Ryder

When a one night stand becomes a little complicated.
Stacia has been under her fathers foot for her whole life. So when she realizes just how much her father favors politics to his own blood she is destroyed emotionally. But she refuses to let her fathers betrayal keep her from her job. So she decides to have one wild night of being the complete opposite of herself and then get back to the real world in which she now has a job with a baseball team.
Jason is finally getting his life back on track although he won't be on the team he really wants to be on. But will he be able to keep his new job or will his past and his own problems make it so that he will not be able to continue playing baseball. He has been betrayed numerous times so when a women comes up to him asking for a no strings attached one night stand he's hesitant but the chemistry between them is off the charts.
This was an amazing romance that will not let you put the book down. I definitely recommend this for romance lovers.


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