Friday, April 15, 2016


Margie: Hi there Miss Kim.  Now it’s your turn.  Have fun.

Please tell us a bit about yourself…
LOL HEY MARGIE!  This is a tad odd being on this side of the interview. Let’s see if I can get this to not sound like an ad for online dating…..  Hi guys, I’m Kimberly Rocha. I am a 47 year old mom of three awesome if not odd semi-adult beings .. Gabrielle 27, Jason 19 and Daniel 14. I am a photographer slash book club maven slash author assistant etc.  I live on Long Island in the house I grew up in.  I love country music, 80’s and Latin music. Hmmm can’t think of anything else you’d want to know.

When and why did you decide to start Book Obsessed Chicks?
Back when Twilight was HUGE, I happened to find a rather awesome group of ladies who had read all the books and were as nuts about them as I was.. I started having “Twilight Chick Nights” at my house where we would do trivia, eat awesome food and just have a great time. By the end of those nights, we always talked about other books we had been reading, so one night I said,  “Well how about us starting a book club”…  With the help of the most amazing Denise Scarangella and her equally wonderful sister Holly, Book Obsessed Chicks began terrorizing Long Island.  

Book Obsessed Chicks early days

What are your goals for your blog and the Book Obsessed Chicks?
Wow, that’s a big question. I used to be happy with my little circle of #BOC chicas, but the more authors I meet and come to love; I find that spreading the word to help them takes precedence for me.  That being said, I would love for Book Obsessed Chicks to be widely known for connecting readers and author all over the place.

Who are your favorite authors?
Woman.. you put me on the spot!!!  Ok my all-time favorites are Sherrilyn Kenyon, Bertrice Small ,Anne Rice, BJ Daniels,  Christine Feehan, Carolyn Brown, Lorelei James, Delores Fossen, Bronwen Evans, Samantha Kane… Oy I have like 1000 more… My NEW favorites are Christi Caldwell, Wendy LaCapra, Kerrigan Byrne, Anabelle Bryant…. Ok so if I answered this it would take up a whole page…

If you could trade places with any author, who would you choose and why?
OMG this is a freaky question….  I think I would want to trade with BJ Daniels.  She lives in scenic Montana, always looks like she’s having fun and has an awesome husband dude who cooks gourmet meals for her… I would LOVE someone to cook for me for a change… Barbara, don’t be freaked out, I promise I won’t stalk you

What new books have you been blogging about lately?
Oh this is a tough one because it’s conference season, but I will tell you about my favorites LATELY that I blogged.
1.       Kerrigan Byrne : THE HUNTER  ( dark and AWESOME)  I tell everyone about it…
2.       BJ Daniels: HARD RAIN  ( just another BRILLIANT story by this master of suspense)
3.       Christi Caldwell:  RESCUED BY A LADY’S LOVE ( dark! I love dark…  Such an awesome story with a wonderful HEA)
4.       DEE DAVIS AND JULIE KENNER’S :RISING STORM SERIES!!! Holy hotness in a written soap opera

What do you do when you’re not promoting and blogging about great books?
LOL I help promote my awesome authors. I read about a book a day. I host amazing book club nights with my fabulous team of lovelies. I am so happy to be hosting Sherrilyn Kenyon on May 3, right across the street from my home. I go to Country Concerts… ie: Chris Young*sigh* ..  I babysit the #wondertwins and I try to breathe before the next big event.

Your Top 10 in Romance….
I guess this is payback for asking everyone else… This list is definitely FLUID with a few mainstays
1.       A Dangerous Love- Bertrice Small
2.       The Vampire Lestat- Anne Rice  ( My daughter, Gabrielle is named after Lestat’s mother)
3.       Midnight Awakening- Lara Adrian (Tegan: need I say more?)
4.       The Highwayman- Kerrigan Bryne
5.       Wild Horses- BJ Daniels
6.       Born of Night- Sherrilyn Kenyon
7.       Gypsy Lord- Kat Martin
8.       A Kiss of Lies- Bronwen Evans
9.       Rescued By A Lady’s Love- Christi Caldwell
Hawk- Sons of Sangue- Partricia A Rasey


  1. Thanks for the great interview, Margie & Kim! And thanks for inviting me to the BOC book club, Kim! Great times, so far! PS, I would like someone to cook for me, too. It would save us from take-out. LOL

  2. Thank you so much Kimberly Rocha. I want to be you when I grow up.

  3. Can I move in with you when you get your chef