Saturday, April 2, 2016

Tempted by a Lady's Smile (Lords of Honor Book 4) Kindle Edition by Christi Caldwell

After reading the stunning but dark tale of RESCUED BY A LADY'S LOVE, author Christi Caldwell brings a vivid and upbeat story of a bluestocking and a second son in TEMPTED BY A LADY'S SMILE. 

Horse breeder and gentleman, Richard Jonas once loved and lost that love, to his own older brother, no less. Still discouraged by that loss, even though his is relieved to see his brother happy and settled, Richard doesn't believe he will ever love again. He even goes as far as to stay away from home as not to see his brother and and wife together, instead opting for his friend, Lord Westfield's party.

Gemma Reed is practically a social pariah of the ton, the plain looking miss would rather have her nose in a book than attend a house party. But her mother is determined to see her married and insists on Gemma and her brother attending the summer house party the ailing Duke of Somerset is throwing with the sole purpose of seeing his heir secure in a betrothal before his time comes to an end. Gemma's only true friend is Lady Beatrice Dennington, the sister of Gemma's one true love, Lord Westfield and Beatrice would like to help Gemma have her heart's desire, her brother. 

When Richard and Gemma meet, sparks begin to fly, making Gemma rethink her long unrequited love for Westfield, and when Richard steals more than a few kisses from Gemma, both of their heads start spinning with thoughts never though possible. Could Gemma's love for Westfield be true? Will Richard ever get over his lost love? These questions and more are answered in the wonderful TEMPTED BY A LADY'S SMILE by the equally wonderful author, Christi Caldwell.

What a great story! In the beginning, when Gemma is being described, it made me wonder if looks really were important to happiness. Gemma may not be pretty, or have the talents that most ladies of the ton are accomplished in, but she is honest and knowledgeable of the real world and doesn't haven't have the agenda the other young ladies have of acquiring a husband with a title and coin. Richard realizes this fact quickly and those facts really bring home to him that maybe there is more to life than pining after what can never be, or even what was never really meant to be. I loved that Gemma and Richard understanding grew leaps and bounds once they were faced with the possibility of something called happiness.  TEMPTED BY A LADY'S SMILE is a luminous addition to the LORDS OF HONOR series by Christi Caldwell.  A must read. 


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