Saturday, April 30, 2016

Patrick's Charm: Book 2, The Bride Train by E.E. Burke

Miss Charm LaBelle is on the run from her stifling past and while she has joined the bride train, she has no intention of actually marrying. Instead, Charm prefers to entertain in Mr. Patrick O'Shea's Saloon. The singer/actress will do what she must to survive and remain hidden from her secret past, even if it means her reputation be tarnished by working in the saloon.

Hard working Patrick O'Shea is quite content with the status quo at his establishment. Hoping to add some entertainment to bring in some more money, the consummate bachelor sets out to find ladies to do the job, only when Charm LaBelle appears on his doorstep she completely discombobulates the saloon owner. The minute that Charm leaps into his waiting arms his time is up, now all he has to do is convince the relationship shy woman that a union between the two would not only be beneficial for them both, but quite a passionate ride.

Patrick's Charm, Book 2 in the Bride Train series by E.E. Burke is a wonderful continuation of this innovative theme. The ladies who arrived on the bride train together come from all walks of life and even though they end up in the same time and place, they each have their own special story to tell. This story, as well as the prequel and the first book are very enjoyable reads and I do recommend them as Ms. Burke has so carefully spun these tales and each one is a treasure.


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