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One minute Angel Marie Sutter is sitting at the piano taking lessons in a saloon in the late 1800s, the next she is sitting at a Billy Joel concert in the present. When a confused and out of place Angel goes in search of the Magnolia, the brothel she worked in, she stumbles upon a murder and almost becomes a victim of murder herself.

Undercover officer, Shado Jackson has been on a mission to bring down crime lord, Espinoza, who had his brother killed. He has isolated himself from his surroundings in order to achieve his goal. When he meets Angel, who has amnesia, and may in fact be involved with Espinoza, his protective instincts kick into full gear. Shado brings the confused Angel to stay with him at his apartment while he figures out what to do. His intentions of keeping the beautiful woman at arms length become a struggle of sorts as he still has to overcome the guilt he has over his brother's death.

Little by little, Angel's memory returns with the realization that the life she led in 1881 , is not the life she wants to lead now. Shado begins to wonder if this enigma of a woman could have a future with him. When the danger of Espinoza's wrath hangs overhead, Shado must see that history does not repeat itself and take another person he cares about from him.

Fallen Angel by Amanda McIntyre is a timeless tale, one of hope. I love stories that bring two somewhat damaged people together and has them begin to heal each other's wounds, and this story has that and more. Amanda McIntyre breaches that wall between the past and the present with such perfection, that the reader begins to believe that all things are possible. I honestly didn't think it could get any better than Sheriff Jake in Wild & Unruly, the first book in the Sweet Magnolia series, but Shado is a definite rival for my attention. I thoroughly enjoyed Fallen Angel and I know you will as well!


5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

Amanda’s father was in the publishing business. From her early days reading of Vampirella and Alfred Hitchcock, to writing a Fine Arts column supporting music education, her quirky zest for experiencing life has provided fertile ground for her creative story ideas. These have transpired into a number of published works in contemporary, paranormal and historical women's fiction, as well as non-fiction books. She is published internationally and in both eBook and audio formats. Readers describe her work  as "superbly sensual, powerful, and character-driven."  She enjoys taking readers on a ride, with a few twists and turns along the way, with the belief that life and love is messy, but overcoming the obstacles makes the HEA even more sweet. She loves to challenge her characters and readers to look beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary, where anything is possible! Besides loving to travel, watching BBC, she has an avid fascination of the Great Lakes and its lighthouses, and a penchant for walking in old cemeteries and abandoned houses!  My website is and I love to hear from readers at


I had the pleasure of meeting Amanda McIntyre at my fist Lora Leigh's RAW in October of 2011, where she welcomed me with open arms from the first moment I arrived. She even took the time to make my youngest son a part of the event. She is humbled when a reader tells her she likes her books. Well of course we like her books, they are well written works of art. Amanda is also a super fun lady, even trying her hand, or should I say feet at line dancing at this year's RAW in Pittsburgh. I adore Amanda McIntyre. Here's a little look at the lady behind the busy author.


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    1. Oh yay!!!! I am so glad Denise! Thanks for stopping by

  2. I can't believe you posted a picture of my squirrel t-shirt! LOL RAW is such fun! Ask any author who has attended!! And wait til you see what the authors have on tap for readers in 2013!! I'm working on my line dancing...and I'm so glad you enjoyed Fallen Angel and for your kind words! Thanks!

  3. I love time travel romance stories. Amanda, I think I will go and buy your book Fallen Angel, looks appealing to me. I'm wondering, since it is the second in your Sweet magnolia series, should I start by reading the first one, which the title is? Thanks to Kim, I am discovering a new author to add to my list. Have a nice day both of you!

  4. Hey Kim and Amanda love the pictures looks like you all had a great time. This is one of the best time travel series I have read. Can't wait for number three.

  5. I can verify that Amanada is a warm and fun person to be around. I just met her at RAW 2012 and we had a great time together. Plus we also share an appreciation of Edradour Creamy Liqour. And besides being such a nice person she writes great books! What more could you ask for?

  6. HI Nicole~ thank you for checking out my books, each story stands alone but there are a few references that might make you want to know why she and Miss Lilly had such a good friendship.

    Mama wolf-you REALLY need to try to make it to RAW!;)
    and Margie..what can I say to such kind words, except lets toast with a swig of what I have dubbed "Liquid Christmas!" LOL Such yumminess!!! you will be bringing that to RAW next year, yes? Wait..arent you going to AAD??? we need to work on Miss Kim, too!

  7. I like that we're low enough on the comments here that I can look over at the "most awesome cowboy ever!!!" he's pinned to my inspiration wall!! ;))

  8. Thanks to all you stopped by and thank you to Kimberly for the lovely review and hosting me on my week long blog tour to celebrate FALLEN ANGEL'S release! One winner each day will be chosen at random and the winner notified by email. Good luck, peace and contentment for the holidays, and as always~happy reading!