Monday, December 31, 2012


This is the time of year where I get all weepy and reminisce about that has happened. 2012 has been a year of great joy and opportunity and some let downs for me. Although so much good has come from 2012, I am not sorry to see it go.

I am extremely thankful for my children, Gabrielle, Jason, and Daniel, for they are a constant source of happiness for me. My friends, new and old are what keep me going. My cousin Chanel, who always is there to listen, I LOVE YOU. My ever-present Book Obsessed Chicks, Denise, Francesca, Holly, Terry, Penny, Jennifer, Nina, Margaret, Katie, and Sara, I thank you for your help and support this crazy year. My newest ladies in the mix, Lisa, Jenn, Taryn, Heather and Maria, I am so happy to have met you and consider you my closest of friends.

I want to thank all the fabulous authors who have come to book club and those we have had the great pleasure to meet in 2012. We began the year with dinner with Lorelei James, who I ADORE, and met a chica I consider to be a best friend, Francesca Bensi there, so it was double the pleasure. Thanks to Sylvia Day, Stephanie Julian, Judi Fennell, Donna Grant, Sarah MacLean, Diana Cosby, Maya Banks, Melinda Leigh, Rayna Vause, Cat Johnson, CH Admirand, Tara Nina, Mari Carr, Jayne Rylon, Bianca D’Arc, Hope Tarr, Maya Rodale, Tarah Scott, Gabrielle Bisset and Caridad Pineiro for joining in Book Obsessed Chicks good times like the Beach BBQ and the Christmas Party.

2012 was a conference year for me. March began that fun with Liberty States Create Something Magical conference in NJ where Larissa Ione was subjected to some Book Obsessed rowdiness at our pajama party. Thank you Larissa for being so good about our not so normal crew!

Next conference was Lori Foster’s Reader Appreciation weekend where I finally met my amazing new friend and constant source of confidence in the form of author Linda McMaken. I love her and her amazing family and wish the best to them all, especially my sweetie, Samara, who is going to have a precious bundle of joy this year. Gayle Donnelly and Robyn MacKenzie rock my world on so many levels. I love these talented ladies more than they can imagine. They have been so good to me and I hope I can return all the good they do tenfold! 

I met so many awesome authors and readers who I now consider my most awesome friends now at Lori Foster’s weekend.
Cassandra Maguire, Michelle Boone, Paige Tyler, Wendi Zwaduk, Drea Beacraft, Jambrea Gaff, Margie Hager, Valerie Cozart, Barb Hill-Kidd and last but certainly not least, Joni Anderson, who makes me laugh. Thanks to this crew for a life altering experience… I look forward to the next one!

One event I had been anticipating all year was Lara Adrian’s first official LAMBCON, which took place in August in Boston. This event was so very special to me because if it were not for Lara Adrian, I probably would never have begun Book Obsessed Chicks book club or my blog. I certainly would not have gone to conferences and met so many stupendous people. Lara Adrian and her husband John are two of the best people I know and am so proud to call my friends. Lara is the classiest woman I know and her constant grace always has me in awe. She is also one of the hardest working ladies who always makes time for her readers. Helping with LAMBCON was a highlight for me. I met so many more people who share the same passion I do. Big Hugs to Lara, John, Debbie, Paula, Courtney, Carla, Gwen, Pat, Melissa, Angie, Kara, Lynn and Loren, who along with my Scarangella Posse, made that weekend so memorable.

The final conference was Lora Leigh’s RAW in Pittsburgh, PA. There, I was reunited with my absolute favorite ladies, Beth Williamson, Amanda McIntyre, Mary Wine, CH Admirand, Monica Burns, Stephanie Julian, Bianca D’Arc and Sahara Kelly. I became great friends with Sandy Dillon, Carrie Ann Ryan, and Dana Marie Bell. By the way, TEAM DAVE RULES… Hope I didn’t scare you too much Dave Admirand.

Lora Leigh’s RAW was like coming home to old friends and meeting new. I couldn’t wait to hug Donna Williamson, Beth’s awesome Mom and catch up with the rest. There wasn’t enough hours in the day to give everyone the time I wanted. I hope to be able to make up for that.

I want to thanks all the special people in my “Secret Group”, beginning with Chastity Bush, who is pretty much a sister to me. Lori, Cindi, Kim, Sandi,  Sonia, Pua, Gina, Nancy etc…. YOU ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! Thanks for listening to my RANTS and bouts with insanity. Thank you to Beth Williamson for allowing me to help out with your Cowgirls etc…  Mary Wine for letting me get the inside on her Mistresses, Colleen for the fabulous Mavens and Amanda for allowing me to keep the Muses in line.

Thanks for all the mind-blowing book dedications and acknowledgments, Cat Johnson, Donna Grant, Larissa Ione, Amanda McIntyre, Gayle Donnelly, Robyn Mackenzie and Chastity Bush. It has been so exciting to be mentioned in your works of art.

Thanks to all who have helped in our charity endeavors for the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer walk and Homes for Our Troops.

I hope to heaven I haven’t forgotten anyone. If I have, I am so sorry. It’s been a whirlwind adventure from start to finish. Sometimes words cannot express the depth at which I feel for all my friends and family have done. Thanks to every single person who has touched my life in some way in 2012. I don’t think I could have stayed sane if you all hadn’t had a part in it and I wish you all health, happiness and much success in 2013.


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