Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NO PROPER LADY by Isabel Cooper


When I read the description of “No Proper Lady” by Isabel Cooper I think I actually squealed with excitement. Think Terminator meets Buffy meets Harry Potter meets Emma. This book can fit into so many genres that someone would have to come up with a whole new category... like historical science fictional supernatural romance. Jane has traveled back in time 200 years (she comes from 100 years in our future) to stop an evil wizard from completing the book that will bring an end to the world as we know it. Now imagine if Sarah Connors had to shove herself into a bone corset and sip tea and eat cucumber sandwiches with the women folk, and all the while acting like a bored lady who lunches. Thank goodness for dreamy Simon and his younger sister Eleanor were there to help her out. Ya see, Simon was a childhood chum of Alex, the evil Wizard who is authoring the big bad book of evil. As each of them honed their magical skills, Simon went the way of good and Alex took a turn for the heinous. Can Jane learn how to be a proper lady? (or at least learn to act less like a potty mouth?) Can Simon stop Alex's evil plan to become the most powerful Wizard in the world? Will Simon and Jane give into the mutual desire that they are both feeling and just do it already? I did enjoy the book, although I felt that it took the writer forever to get to the “good stuff”. I enjoy sexual tension as much as the next gal but I was getting pushed to my limit. There is always that inevitable moment that I can't put the book down, and for me, this was ¾ the way into the book. After that I devoured it and was even begging for more. I would most certainly give this author another try, I would love to see what other stories she has up her sleeves. I give this book 3 and a half stars.

Reviewed by Lisa Marie

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