Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Lauren Wilder has been basically hiding out in the Colorado Mountains. Her brother Max is married to Callie Colter and once you are involved in any family way with the Colters, you become family. Lauren had it bad when she was in New York. Her boyfriend was a cruel and sadistic SOB who was also a glorified pimp who ran a prostitution ring. Lauren was often on the wrong side of Joel Knight's fist and the last time she barely got away alive.

Two investigators were hired by her very wealthy brother  to keep a close eye on his precious sister, but Lauren wasn't altogether honest with them, so they make the trip to Colorado to question Lauren about the vermin that did her harm in New York. Only problem is, Liam and Noah have become emotionally attached to Lauren and neither man wants to lose her to the other. The only way they see them all being happy is if the three of them become involved, much like the Colter family's relationships. All Lauren wants is to be loved, but after the horror of her last relationship she wonders if she's even worthy of love. When Liam and Noah tell her that their needs and desires for her are strong, she must take a leap of faith and pray that all will be like she has dreamed.

Now not only do Liam and Noah have to protect Lauren, but the entire Colter clan steps up to the plate to keep one of their own from harm. Joel Knight doesn't like to give up what he owns and apparently Lauren is one of his possessions and he will stop at nothing until he has her within his grasp once again.

I am so happy to be back in the fold with the Colter family. Even though Lauren, Liam and Noah are not blood relations, the relationship to the Colters is a strong one. Maya Banks has done a wonderful job coming full circle with this fabulous series. I have loved each and every moment of it. Colters' Gift is new and fresh with suspense and danger in the mix with the romance and family adoration. I really enjoyed this story and I know other readers will as well.

Note that this also includes a novella after the story and it will have the reader in tears!



  1. didn't know that she had plans for this story. what a nice surprise. Thanks.

  2. I love this cerise and I can't wait to read this one.