Wednesday, November 6, 2013


We meet Adelaide Johnson first in UNDER THE SAME SKY, the first amazing book by Genevieve Graham, which is her sister Maggie's story. Finally, we have Adelaide's saga with SOMEWHERE TO DREAM, which comes forth out of tragedy and heartache.

After losing her family to a band of miscreants, a broken Adelaide and Maggie are taken in by the Cherokee, who heal their wounds and adopt them. While Maggie goes off to her own life, Adelaide remains safely ensconced away with her Cherokee family, blocking out the ills that have befallen her. Both Maggie and Adelaide have a gift that many would consider to be witchcraft but with the Cherokee, this gift is embraced. The girls have the ability to see the future in their dreams, and although Maggie was better at it, Adelaide wasn't far behind if she would only just allow her dreams to come to completion. Adelaide always feared what her dreams would tell her and she constantly made sure to wake herself before they ended. 

In her months of healing with the Cherokee, Adelaide is told that she will marry a Cherokee warrior, but when the warrior meets his demise is a fight, as saddened as she is with his death, she sighs with relief at her reprieve.

Settler, Jessie Black is captured by the band of Cherokee he is brought to the village torn and angry, his animosity to Indians is evident. When Cherokee warrior, Soquili tells Adelaide that Jessie now hold the spirit of his fallen brother, and that the white man is now his Cherokee brother, she knows there will be resistance, but resistance is futile. Adelaide heals Jessie's outer wounds, and begins to calm his internal turmoil, while the entire time planning his escape from the Indians. What does Jessie have to go back to though? An abusive father and hunger, at least with the Cherokee who have adopted him as one of their own, he finally is accepted as family and never has to starve again.

When Adelaide is informed by Soquili that since Jessie is his brother now, Adelaide's betrothal stands and she will marry Jessie, but Adelaide is still broken inside with all the terror she has endured, and marriage was the furthest thing from her mind. Jessie is oblivious to these plans, but day by day becomes closer to Adelaide and his his anger towards the Cherokee dissipates. Where does he belong now? Where does Adelaide belong? 

This tale of recovery and acceptance is such a journey. Genevieve Graham has a winner with SOMEWHERE TO DREAM. Both Jessie and Adelaide have had severe heartache in their lives and each of them has their own trials and tribulations, but thrown together, they are a force to be reckoned with. Their Cherokee saviors turn out to be much more than either of them had anticipated, especially Jessie with his seething hatred of all Indians. While Adelaide must overcome her fear of the white man, Jessie must change his attitude about the Cherokee and his fear of being like his evil father. SOMEWHERE TO DREAM by Genevieve Graham is a lesson to all about insurmountable odds and misconceptions, it's about healing and love, friendship and understanding. SOMEWHERE TO DREAM is going right up on my TO KEEP shelf. I highly recommend SOMEWHERE TO DREAM as I do her entire series for their grittiness and realism in a market for fantasy. These books remain with you always, just like I feel they should.



  1. Oh I would definitely keep the prize. LOL the books are good to share though. I love forwarding my books to family. They get a kick out of it.

  2. I would keep the prize, but share the books with my best friend.