Monday, November 18, 2013

~ FASCINATING RHYTHM by LYNNE CONNOLLY Reviewed by Jennifer Butler

Hunter and Sabina had one amazing night together six years ago. Hunter left without a word and never spoke to Sabina again. What happens when Hunter returns home and finds Sabina there, the one woman he could never forget. Fascinating Rhythm is their story.

Hunter is a member of the Murder City Ravens; a world famous Rock Band. During a break with the band, Hunter returns home to Stockholm. Upon returning home the first person he sees is Sabina, who he thought he would never see again. Surprised and thrilled to see Sabina at his mother’s house he realizes that he never stopped caring about her. He begins an all-out assault to get her back and make up for the way he treated her in the past.
“I missed you, Sabina. You were the only regret I had when I left.”

Sabina is deaf or almost deaf and is an interpreter. She was not born deaf but lost most of her hearing when she was a child. She now has the opportunity to have an operation to restore her hearing. When Hunter returns she realizes that she never stopped loving him. She also hopes to hear Hunter play.

I really adored Fascinating Rhythm. It was a truly delightful story. The story is also unique because it has Sabina a person with a disability as one of the main characters, something that I have never read about before.  Sabina was a delightful surprise. She is an amazingly strong woman. She is a beautiful, kind and caring woman. If the operation to restore her hearing is a success she hopes to be a link between the hearing and deaf community.

Hunter is your typical rock star guy…hot and sexy! Hunter is also a truly nice guy. What was really interesting about Hunter was his childhood. You could see that he struggled as a child with being the only person that was able to speak but not being allowed.   I could understand why he needed to leave home, and in some ways Sabina as well.  He needed to grow up and be comfortable with who he is before he could be with Sabina.

At one concert Hunter signs to her “I can’t see you but I know you’re out there. It makes a difference.”

Together Hunter and Sabina enjoy some really steamy moments. The sex between them is hot!! They both care about each other so much and it was evident throughout the story. I think they both needed the years apart to realize what they felt for each other.

Fascinating Rhythm is well written and a must read for anyone that loves a good romance. I enjoyed the setting of the book as well. It was fun to read about different cities in Europe, such as Stockholm (I have a new place to visit). Fascinating Rhythm is part of the Nightstar series but it does not require you to read the previous books…but you definitely should.  


BOC Member, Natacha Pierre: I really liked the book, it was very stark, similar to Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in that it If I had to grade it, I'd say a solid B. There was too much of his mother but it came full circle at the end