Sunday, November 10, 2013


Daphne is a substitute teacher hoping for a promising career as a full time teacher sometime soon.  There is only one things that scares her at the moment and that is a parent teacher conference for one of her troubled students.  Daphne is expecting the student's mother, but his father comes instead.

Charlie comes to the parent teacher conference with the knowledge that whatever problems his son is having they will all go away as soon as he gives the word.  He doesn't expect to come up against Daphne.  Daphne truly cares about her students and will not just pass Charlie's son like all the other teachers have done.  What she doesn't know is that she had set in motion a battle of wills.

Joe is an old high school flame that Daphne's parents love and wished she would settle down with.  They set her up on a blind date with him to try and get things started.  But in steps Charlie to shut Joe down.   Charlie is determined to get what he wants.  He is always where Daphne is and she doesn't know how he does it.  He brings her flowers, takes her out to dinner and always at the end of the night he ask her if he can be invited into her home.  Hum!!  To tell you more would ruin it for you.

I found this book very rewarding.  There are so many twist and turns.  Affairs are on sale in this book and everyone is buying one.  Charlie holds his character well.  I love the playfulness of the interaction between the two rivals.  And the family dynamics are hip slapping crazy.  But what happens when another man enters the picture?  Who does Daphne love?  Who can she love forever?  Who will she love forever?  The next time someone insists on an invitation before they enter your house, close the door and lock it.



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