Tuesday, November 12, 2013


*Pouts* It's over, it's really over.. After the first book in the Sinners Trio, Sins of a Virgin by Anna Randol shocked me, I put my reservations aside and found this book to be awesome. I happily awaited for the second book to be released and loved Sins of a Wicked Rogue to be intriguing. Now at last third book is out and Sins of a Wicked Princess is another winner.

Ian Maddox, or Wraith as he is known by those who know of the Trio of spies that used to work for the British government. Each of the three spies were recruited from the gallows and given the choice to live if they gave their lives in service to the crown. The government has now disavowed knowledge of the Trio and now they are on their own. Clayton and Madeline are now happily married and living productive lives but Ian is still uncertain of his fate. Frankly, he is quite content to leave the life of being a spy, but first he must discover who is behind a hit list on his former associates.

Princess Juliana is a semi-exiled ruler of a small country that is sought after by the French and the Spanish. When Wraith appears one night in her bedroom demanding to know who wants his friends killed, Juliana has no idea what he is talking about. Somehow the Trio has something to do with the toppling of Juliana's country.  She soon finds that there is another plot to depose her of her throne and her brother may be at the center of the plot along with an unscrupulous and immoral Duke. In addition, the sparks between Ian and Juliana fly as soon as they meet. Juliana knows she must do her duty to her country and marry someone of her ilk, and Ian believes he is not for her, but at every turn there is heat between them.

Once the lines are drawn, Ian and Juliana team up to each solve their own dilemmas. Once in the evil Duke's domain both parties have to fight to stay alive and seek or deny their attraction at the same time. This tale of foreign intrigue is bereft with danger and deception, even from Juliana's own family. Once  Ian's secret of what happened to Juliana's family during the fall of her country comes out, will Juliana become the cold and proper princess she has been rumored to be, or will she look beyond the duty he thought he had to do and see the man Ian truly is?

Anna Randol has done is again and I am very sorry to see  the end of the Sinners Trio. Anna's knack for danger and suspense make this not just a romance but a wonderful mystery as well. Ian's snarky mouth and Juliana's not so proper princess who can pick locks, are fabulous characters. I loved how both of these characters at first thought they had to part ways, but then with the realization they couldn't be happy unless they were together, they both fought for what they truly wanted. In the end the spy and the princess overcome their social differences, making The Sins of a Wicked Princess a must read.


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