Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DANCING WITH A DEVIL (Whisper of Scandal Novel #3) by JULIE JOHNSTONE

Coming into this series at the present book and I will admit that there is much in the past I would like to have known better. Nonetheless, I was entirely engrossed in this tale.

Audrey Cringlewood wants to be loved and be in love when it comes time to marry. Her parents did not have the loving relationship that Audrey dreams of and her father is aloof to her and her gambling drunkard of a brother. Audrey's had a few seasons, but the only man who has sparked her interest is  the handsome Lord Trent Runtherford. Trent may find Audrey attractive and appealing, but deception in his past has turned him off the idea of marriage. Even after a passionate kiss and Audrey's complete sensual awakening, Trent let's her down with his telling her they can be friends, but that is all.

Lord Trent Rutherford spent some time in France helping the English crown with information. While there, he fell in love with a local beauty, married her and was betrayed by her. After her death, he returns to his homeland a changed man. No longer can he be trusting and caring. He needs to keep all at bay. When he returns to England, he throws himself into a full on bachelor lifestyle of loose women and gaming, until his meets the innocent beauty named Audrey, who turns his insides out and makes him want to run for the hills.
When other suitors begin taking interest in Audrey and one of them Trent seems unsavory, he sets out to protect Audrey from the rogue, only to fall hook. line and sinker for her whilst in full denial all the way.

When an inkling of acceptance makes Trent want to male an offer for Audrey's hand, a letter arrives from France changing the game and when Audrey is faced with not only her ruination, but her heart breaking, she is left with making decisions that go against all she ever stood for. Once Trent finally realizes Audrey is absolutely the one for him, he now has to set out to convince her of his sincerity, because in all honesty, the man has completely made a mess of things.

DANCING WITH A DEVIL by Julie Johnstone is intrigue, passion and excitement. When characters make me want to throttle them with a cane then hug them to pieces, the author's job has been expertly done. Now that I have come in on the third tale, I am excited about going back and seeing where it all began and eagerly await anything else that the ever so talented Miss Johnstone has to say. DANCING WITH A DEVIL  had me up until the birds began chirping and I read the last word. Now that's  good book!



  1. Just love the cover of this book! I have looked up the first two books in the series, Bargaining With A Rake and Conspiring With A Rogue and have added all 3 books in the series to my TBR pile.

    1. Margie I went back and grabbed them all as well!!! Enjoy