Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A MacKenzie Clan Gathering (MacKenzies & McBrides #8.5) by Jennifer Ashley

I've just realized, while reading A MACKENZIE CLAN GATHERING, that Ian and Beth are probably my very favorite hero and heroine since I started reading romance. With Ian MacKenzie there is no pretense, only the love he feels for Beth that infiltrates every pore of his being. Beth's love for him is unequaled. She understand the man completely and even with his eccentricities would never have him change. I have loved watching them grow as a couple and as a family with their three children. I have adored Ian's transformation from the MADNESS OF LORD IAN MACKENZIE to the Ian of ten years later. That being said, Jennifer Ashley's A MACKENZIE CLAN GATHERING earns a spot on my keeper shelf.

Ian MacKenzie and his family are back at Kilmorgan for eldest brother Hart's birthday festivities. They await the rest of the family and Ian is taking care of things while Hart is away. Ian awakens one night in complete unease, knowing that something is afoot. After making sure his wife and children are secure, he stumbles upon a crime in progress and he jumps into action. A group of thugs is stealing Hart's priceless art collection and Ian can't stop them alone, not if it means his family might be endangered. 

While family members are notified and the authorities trickle in, including Ian's half brother, Inspector Fellowes, Beth and Ian welcome Beth's retired missionary and former brother-in-law, John Ackerley. Upon meeting Ian, Ackerley thinks he has a "cure" for Ian's "madness' and with all the troubles going on at Kilmorgan Castle, Ackerley distracts Ian with the possibility of being normal. Beth and the children are content with Ian as is, but his Beth allows Ian to explore without disruption. 

When Ian discovers that a feud which began ages ago between the MacKenzies and a rival English family may be the center of the theft, he and Ackerley head out to confront the issue, but things get personal when an abduction takes place that changes the game entirely. Many lessons are learned throughout this must read adventure.

A MACKENZIE CLAN GATHERING by Jennifer Ashley is a fabulous addition to the MacKenzie saga. This tale makes me want to go back and read the entire series all over again and savor each and every tale. 


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  1. Kim, I just started reading this series this year. I am reading in order & recently finished The Seduction of Elliot McBride. I already went back & read Ian a 2nd time! I think that will be one of my comfort reads. Thanks for this review! I look forward to reading the whole series, hopefully by the end of the year! :)