Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Janet's Review of ~APB: Baby (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue #1) by Julie Miller ~

This story started with a bang, literally. Meet the Watson family, all involved in law enforcement. Olivia Watson is marrying Gabe Knight. During her ceremony, a gunman begins firing on the crowd. The church is filled with members of law enforcement and they spring into action, especially the Watson brothers. During the melee, Seamus Watson, their grandfather is hit by a bullet. They chase the shooter but he gets away. Niall is the middle son who is also the KCPD’s medical examiner. Niall returns home from the hospital to his condo after spending hours at the hospital with his grandfather and hears the cries of a baby. The sound seems to come from his neighbor, social worker Lucy McKane’s condo. As Niall investigates the noise, he enters Lucy’s condo where he discovers a crying baby and no one else. As he leaves, his cop instincts kick in and he notices that the door has been jimmied open. Niall begins to take care of the baby with the help of his father when Lucy returns. She has no idea who the baby belongs to, but figures it out when she finds money missing from her secret hiding place. The money was taken by Lucy’s former foster daughter Diane. They figure that Diane left the baby and they set out to try to find her.
This is not the only mystery within this story. Niall and the other Watson men are still trying to locate the shooter and to figure out if Seamus was deliberately shot or was it an accident. Next, who is Lucy’s stalker, her ex or someone else? Will Niall finally recognize Lucy’s feelings for him? Finally, will they be able to find Diane and save her life before it is too late.
I really enjoyed this story. There were so many twists and turns. Just when I thought I knew the answers to some of the questions, Ms Miller surprises me with something else. Family plays an important role within this story. As we delve more into the story, the reader finds out that Lucy didn’t have the greatest childhood growing up, the opposite of the loving family Niall had. Lucy becomes involved with the Watson family as the investigations continue. The members of the Watson family, especially Niall’s older and younger brothers are interesting characters too. The interaction between Niall and Lucy is quite funny at times as Niall is often clueless and shy when it comes to relationships. There were quite a few surprises in this story. I can’t wait until the next book in this series. Love the Watson Family. I highly recommend this book.