Monday, May 2, 2016

Lessons In Pleasure by Victoria Dahl

Sarah Rose Hood and her husband James are newlywed. Married for a short time, they are still coming to know one another and the intimacies of marriage. Sarah seems content with her new  home and her new lot in life and feels James is as well.  But content in not exactly happy. James is a good husband, providing well for his gently bred wife, but something is missing and James is loathe to explore further into their relationship so as not to distrub her sensibilities.

One evening however, after Sarah imbibes in a bit too much spirits, feelings are awakened in her and she inspires James to explore their intimacies more deeply than she could have imagined. Soon, Sarah's desires are so piqued that she believes there must be something wrong with her. You see, Sarah's  mother was said to have been sex crazed and it was ultimately her downfall. Now Sarah thinks the same has happened to her and when she visits the same doctor who treated her mother and is told by him that she in fact is suffering from the same malady, the only thing Sarah can do is undergo this doctor's treatments and deny her husband her body.

After that wondering night of awakening, James is surprised and uncertain about his treatment of Sarah, but how could something that so good turn into something so bad? James will do anything to get to the bottom of his wife's sudden frigidity, but the journey that end is a difficult one.

Lessons In Pleasure is the first story I have ever read by Victoria Dahl and I found it to be quite entertaining. This story is more like a snippet into the newlywed's lives instead of a full story, but it was enjoyable quite the same.


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