Monday, May 16, 2016

Seduced (The Wicked Woodleys 5) by Jess Michaels

Author Jess Michaels can do no wrong is this conclusion to the Wicked Woodleys series which I have loved since the very first moment.

When Jack Blackwood aka Captain Jack sees the widowed Letitia at his brother Warrick's wedding, he is taken for a loop. Letitia Seagate is no shrinking violet and now out and about eighteen months after her husband died, she is ready to take on the world. Her marriage, even though amicable, was not all it could have been and now free from those binds, Letitia sees promise in the wicked Jack Blackwood, who happens to be the brother of his cousin Claire's husband.

Aside from all the rumors surrounding Jack Blackwood, his position as top crime lord in London's underworld has been of late a sorrowful one. Watching his brother War move on from his meager beginnings to marry the woman of his heart leaves Jack happy for his brother, but at a loss for himself. Seeing the intriguing widow across a ballroom brings a spark to his otherwise dismal life.

Letitia is like no woman Jack as ever met and her suggestion of their becoming lovers is a welcome surprise to him. Feelings for one another cannot get in the way, because Jack's life just can't include anyone he cares about, especially when his stint as crime lord is currently in dispute and a hostile takeover by seedier characters may be imminent.

SEDUCED by Jess Michaels is an exceptional read. Ms. Michaels brings all of her characters' facets to light in this fast moving, phenomenal conclusion to the Wicked Woodleys. Jack and Letty's passion and desire for one another amongst the troubles going on in Jack's life make this a must read. The secrets that Letitia hid from everyone, but allowed Jack to know shows that by putting her trust in his, she cares, even though  she won't admit it. I loved the internal struggles both Jack at Letitia deal with as well as Jack's power struggle in the crime world. SEDUCED by Jess Michaels is perfection.

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  1. It's been awhile since I read a Western romance -- I'll have to put this one in my TBR pile!