Monday, May 23, 2016

Monique's Review of ~ Rediscovering Raine by L.G. O'Connor ~


With REDISCOVERING RAINE, LG O'Connor accomplished a feat seldom seen: I hadn’t read book 1, Caught Up in RAINE (silly me!), and within a few pages, I was emotionally involved with the story of two people I was just meeting. REDISCOVERING RAINE takes place four months after CUIR; Raine received a card from Brigitte, Jillian’s agent: Jillian is holding a book signing and obviously Brigitte wants Jillian and Raine to get back together after he left Jillian. Immediately, I felt Raine’s undying love for Jillian. 

I can hardly imagine how readers who have read Caught Up in RAINE will feel, as I was choking up without having read the first book, although I had read the blurb and I had some idea, but now I feel I missed a truly epic love story. And bear in mind, REDISCOVERING RAINE is a very short story! I wish it could have been a tad longer though, maybe five or ten pages more, but nevertheless Ms. O’connor managed in those few pages to make me forget a few recent reads that left a bitter taste in my mouth. The writing is gorgeous; it’s a beautifully touching story that warms the heart and gives you hope. I am truly in awe of Ms. O’connor who could make me feel so much in just a few pages. REDISCOVERING RAINE is definitely well worth reading, and more is coming our way!

Rather than change my review, I thought to merely add the following: I have now read CAUGHT UP IN RAINE, the first book, and contrary to what I thought, it did not end on the cliffhanger I had expected; REDISCOVERING RAINE consists of scenes that were not in book 1, and that fit beautifully and explain things more in detail. I highly recommend REDISCOVERING RAINE, if only to give you a taste, and I'm positive that, like me, you will want to read the wonderful CAUGHT UP IN RAINE. 


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