Monday, April 22, 2013


I dug into, Hungry, the first episode in Logan Belle’s new serial, Miss Chatterley, with enthusiasm.  I’ve been intrigued by the story of Lady Chatterley since reading D.H. Lawrence’s controversial classic.   In this modern retelling, Connie Chatterley is the live-in boyfriend of Cliff, a rising star in the tech world with millions of dollars hanging in the balance and a new company on the rise.  She’s a smart and independent woman, but agrees to move to California with him as he gets closer to the action.  While Cliff embroils himself in his world, Connie is left without much stimulation, in or out of the bedroom.  Cliff and his assistant, Ivy are busy attracting investment banker, Tommy Dukes.   Meanwhile, Connie is busy attracting her new Crossfit trainer, Oliver Mellors.   He’s everything Cliff is not: passionate, earthy and very into her.   The realization that Cliff may not be all she needs is about to turn her life upside down.       
Knowing that Miss Chatterley is a retelling of Lawrence’s classic isn’t required to enjoy this serial, but definitely enriched my reading.  Logan Belle does a wonderful job at giving the story new life.  It feels refreshing and real, while keeping some basic themes that ran through the original.  Cliff is one of those pretty men that you want to beat over the head.  For all his smarts, he can’t see that his absorption in his career is killing his relationship with Connie.   A neglected woman is an unhappy woman.  Oliver , her Crossfit trainer, is sexy but commanding.  He’s clearly as alpha as they come: a Marine with a never-quit attitude.  He’s a little scary in the way that makes me freeze and take notice.  He sees Connie’s beauty and her need….and capitalizes on it.  It’s explosive and toe-curling and made me want to read the next episode now!!!!    Three more parts to come and a lot of territory travel.  Waiting a week in between episodes may be torture….


4 Stars (Brilliant)

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