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Sara Humphreys with Guest Reviewer, Lisa Marie


Hi Sara! I just wanted to welcome you to the Blog Obsessed Chicks Book Blog. It is so amazing to have you here so that I can share my obsession with other readers.

Hey, Lisa! Big thanks to you and the rest of the chicks for hosting me here today. You are one fun group of gals!

Oh please, it is our pleasure! So for those Amoveo virgins out there, can you just give everyone an idea of what they are?

You bet! The Amoveo are a secret society of dreamwalking, telepathic, shapeshifters. Their race is comprised of ten animal clans—lion, panther, cheetah, tiger, fox, bear, coyote, wolf, falcon and eagle. They have one pre-destined mate and if they don’t find their mate by the age of thirty, they lose their abilities and die. They can only have children with their mate, so for all of their strengths, they’re a fragile race. If you kill one Amoveo, the mate will die and you wipe out the possibility of offspring. However, once they do connect with their mate, they age extremely slowly and their powers increase.

I swear, your books are like my crack! From the very first page of your very first book, I got sucked in and now that I have read them all, I am craving more like a kid at fat camp craves a cookie! So were they as easy to write as they are addicting to read? <eg>

I love that you love them so much! Each book is a bit more difficult to write because there’s more stuff to keep track of. However, I also feel a responsibility to readers like you! I want to make sure I give you a story that you’ll love.

Oh please, it’s easy loving something so awesome.  So I saw you on IMDB… care to explain how you went from acting in soap operas to writing heaving bosom novels?

I loved acting and the theater but pursuing an acting career isn’t conducive to family life—at least not for me. After several years of missing that creative component in my life, I realized that I needed some kind of creative outlet. So, a few years ago I started writing again and building worlds is an absolute blast. Whether I’m acting or writing, I still get to create and that’s what matters.

So now instead of acting in Soap Opera’s, you are writing them.  I know that you are the proud Mom to 4 wonderful boys (5 if we count your DH lol)… how do you cope with “being outnumbered”? My sister has 2 sons (3 with her husband and YES, we certainly count him in her child total) and it’s a miracle the toilet seat is ever down, and if I don’t say “please put your penis away” at least once each time I see my nephews, you could seriously knock me over with a feather.

I am outnumbered but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love boys because there is hardly any drama. They are straight forward and don’t perseverate on things the way girls do. Men/boys don’t read into things, they see things and say things as they are. Plus, I’ll admit that it’s fun being the Queen Bee.

Ok, now, so in your next book in this series “Undone”, which comes out in just 12 days (SQUEE!!!), can you tell us a little deleted scene perhaps didn’t make it into the final draft and why you cut it?

There is one scene that I deleted. It’s right before the big battle scene at the end and it’s from Richard and Salinda’s perspective. (They are the Amoveo royal couple). We cut it because we didn’t want to pull away from the hero and heroie’s point of view at such a critical point of the story. However, I think I can share it here with you without spoiling anything.

          Richard and his wife, Salinda sat just inside the mouth of the cave, invisible to the naked eye.  Both of them could utilize the advanced cloaking shield that only certain elders had the ability to execute.  Richard had never been more grateful for that particular gift than he was right at this moment. They could do what they needed to without fear of discovery.
            Sitting on the ground, cross-legged, and facing Salinda, Richard held her delicate hands in his much larger ones. Eyes closed, fingers linked, they sent their combined energy signatures in search of a weak spot in Artimus’ shield.
            The dark shell of energy encased the compound much like the rock of the mountain.  It was thick and pulsed with hatred, just like Artimus did. However, since the shield was an extension of the man who put it there, that was of little surprise to Richard.
Artimus had always been a troublemaker and the first one to call foul against other Amoveo, especially those outside of his clan. Richard suspected that Artimus’ breeding plan was about more than just pureblood Amoveo—he was sure Artimus wanted to keep even the clans pure.
            What a fool.
            Richard rubbed the smooth, satin skin of Salinda’s hand with the pad of his thumb and reveled in feel of her fingers as they linked with his. It had been centuries but he loved her even more now than he did that first day he laid eyes on her. They were barely teenagers on that warm summer morning at the Gathering of the Clans and when Richard spotted her in the crowd…he knew. 
They had fifteen children and all but the baby were grown and mated, with families of their own.  Many favored the Lion clan, as he did, but he was thrilled to see that several of them favored the Tiger Clan, like his wife.
            As Richard’s tentacle of energy plodded along the shield, he prayed for the strength to find a weak spot that they could exploit. He recalled with vivid clarity the horror he’d felt when their enemies came after his beloved Salinda. So Richard was all too familiar with how Pete must be feeling knowing that Marianna was at the mercy of a man like Artimus.
            Refusing to be distracted by fear and fury, Richard kept one thing at the forefront of his mind. Finding a way in.

OMG... that was totally AWESOME!!!!!!!  Now, in Undone, we meet a lot of new people… 2 of which are getting their own spin offs… can you fill us in on what will I am sure become another drug for me?

In UNDONE, the readers will meet the vampires in New York City. The vamps will be getting their own five book series. I’m super excited for the release of the Dead in the City series! TALL, DARK, AND VAMPIRE is the first book and will be released in August.

The other spin off series is called Princes of Hell and will be released in a series of “episodes” starting in June. Since I don’t want to spoil anything, all I can tell you is that you’ll meet Asmodeus in UNDONE and he’ll be the hero in the first installment of Princes of Hell.

Well without giving anything away ladies, let me tell you, Asmodeus is HOT! (no pun intended, heh) Well you already know that Dante Coltari (Untouched) is my current book boyfriend (until you finally give my Steven his happily ever after, yea yea, I know, it’s coming, blah blah blah), who is yours? And you can name as many as you want, I promise your husband is not reading this.

Until my Amoveo men (and I assure you, they’re all my book boyfriends) the Norton twins in Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series were my book BF’s. OH. MY. GOD. Those boys are HOT!

Can you do any stupid human tricks? I can cross one eye and keep the other one straight… freaks everyone out!

That’s too funny. knees are double jointed and bend backward. It’s gross.

Bahahahaha that is totally wiggy, remind me to ask you to show me when I see you in June.  I would like to just thank you in advance for not writing about zombies cause they freak me the bleep out! Which monster scares the bajeezus out of you?

Zombies! Most definitely. If I have a nightmare, you can bet zombies are in it.

I KNOW!!! They are flipping frightening!  Now before we wrap up here is there anything you want to say to the potential hordes of fans that I know are going to be lining up behind me to read your next masterpiece?

I want to say Thank You. I am so lucky to have readers like you who spread the word about my books. I’m still new on the scene and sometimes, I can’t quite believe that anyone other than my family reads my work. My street team peeps, Sara’s Angels, are amazing and they help get the word out about my work. SO thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Thank you SO much for joining us here at the Book Obsessed Chicks Book Blog. I don’t think I knew the meaning of the word obsessed until I started reading your books. Please don’t ever stop writing because I would be very sad all the time if I didn’t have your books to read/look forward to! You rock!

Back at ya, Kitten. Dream on….
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  1. Good Morning Ladies!!! Thank you both for a wonderful and interesting interview. Sara, I am really looking forward to reading Asmodeus!!! ;) ***Sigh*** Ah, those Norton Brothers are two of my faves as well...we really do love our Bad Boys!! And I loved the deleted scene from Undone with Richard and Salinda! Thanks for that.

  2. Hi Phyllis! Thanks for coming by today :) I'm glad you enjoyed that little scene. I thought readers might like to see more of the prince and his wife. Thanks for your support xx

  3. Just starting the series can't wait to finish!

  4. Good, funny interview! And now I totally want to find out more about Norton twins in Christine Feehan’s Ghostwalker series!!!!

    1. Sebrina--The Ghostwalkers is one of my all-time favorite series!! A must read and re-read.

  5. Bonsoir mesdames! I just finished reading Untouched and I think I'm hooked to your series. They are breathtaking! I can't wait to read Tall, Dark and Vampire. I wish you lots of success in your news series.

  6. Enjoyed the interview; Undone sounds really great.
    jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

  7. Yay! SO glad everyone enjoyed reading the interview as much as I had getting it together with Sara... SHE IS AMAZEBALLS!!!

  8. Love this series and Sara is so totally awesome!!!!

  9. I've been enjoying the series so far & am looking forward to Undone. All the bits you've released so far (including the above cut) just keeps peeking my interest for it's release :)

  10. I've been enjoying the series so far & am looking forward to Undone. All the bits you've released so far (including the above cut) just keeps peeking my interest for it's release :)