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Hi Cat!!! Thanks so much for joining us down at Book Obsessed Chicks. I know you are a super busy lady and really appreciate you taking the time out for me….

Hi, Kim and hello to all your readers! And you know I always have time for the Book Obsessed Chicks. Love you guys!

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm lucky enough to be able to write full-time from my home in NY, while wearing my pajamas. It's a pretty good deal! 

So how did you come up with this idea for Oklahoma Nights 1- ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY? 

That's actually a funny story. I found an email in my spam folder that looked not so spammy. It turned out it was from the managing editor of Kensington. She'd read one of the free reads on my site, liked my voice and wanted me to submit a proposal to them. Something cowboy or military. This was right before Christmas 2011, when I was already in the midst of another WiP for my other pub, but I worked my butt off, brainstormed the plot, setting and characters, wrote three chapters and a synopsis, and got it to her by the time they returned from their holiday break the week after New Years.
I chose to cover all my bases and made the hero both a cowboy and a soldier, and to do that I set the book at Oklahoma State University where there is both a rodeo team and a military sciences department and ROTC program. More importantly, I knew some students at OSU who answered my questions. The rest is history! They offered me a three-book contract about a week later. The editor came up with the title, One Night with a Cowboy, and I came up with the series title, Oklahoma Nights.

Can you tell us a bit about this book? 

The heroine, Becca, an English professor at Vassar College in New York, loses her job and her boyfriend in the same day. The only position in her field is at OSU, but a born and bred, and sometimes a bit snooty New Yorker, Becca has no intention of applying to a school in Oklahoma. Her meddling sister, Emma, takes care of that by applying for the job for her sister. When the call comes for the interview, Becca drags Emma with her to Oklahoma. The girls take in a rodeo and meet the hero, Tuck, who knocks Becca right off her high horse with a night of hotter than hell sex the likes of which she'd never seen with her boring geek of an ex-boyfriend back in NY. Their one night stand becomes much more once Becca takes the job in Oklahoma and they, of course, run into each other again.

What kind of research did you have to undergo for this great read?

I already had a pretty good handle on the bull riding details from writing my Studs in Spurs professional bull rider series for Samhain, but I did have to research the Stillwater, OK area for the setting. It was that research that led me to the real restaurant that I wrote into the book, which led to the infamous fried bologna sandwich sex scene. Joseph's Fine Foods in Drumright may never be the same!
I also really delved deep into the conditions for the Army in Afghanistan where Tuck (who's also a soldier, remember) gets deployed. 

Do you know anyone like Becca?

Are you asking because you know this answer?! Hmm? LOL Anyway, yeah, I'll admit it, I'm a lot like Becca in many ways. Not the least of which is my appreciation of cowboys and men in uniform.

Tucker is an all-around talented man (cowboy). Did you have someone in mind when you were writing his character?

Not really, sad to say. If Tucker did exist in real life, I'd be doing some 'research' right now. He kind of grew as the plot grew. A soldier not physically wounded but definitely broken when his wife cheated on him while he was deployed. A year after the divorce, he sees Becca and decides maybe it's time to move on. 

What’s next for you?

Writing wise, I just last week finished Book 3 in the Oklahoma Nights series, Three Weeks with a Bull Rider, and sent it off to Kensington. I took a day to pack for the RT Booklovers Convention and then, a couple of days ago, I started the next Studs in Spurs book for Samhain.
As far as new releases, I'm looking forward to being in two multi-author anthologies through Kensington this summer. He's the One releases June 25th, In a Cowboy's Bed releases July 30th, and then September 24th Oklahoma Nights Book 2 comes out! Readers can always see what's out and what's coming soon, and where I'll be around the country or the web at


Reading. No surprise there, huh?

Fave Color?
I keep gravitating toward Army Green. Go figure!

Fave Drink?
Red wine

Is man watching a sport?

Fave Food? (Besides Bologna) LOL
Grilled Rib Eye Steak, black on the outside, and bloody in the middle.

Fave Movie?

Fave TV Show?
Big Bang Theory

Thanks Cat!!!! 
Thank you for having me, Kim! And before I leave, here's a peek at Oklahoma Nights Book 2.

Two Times as Hot (Oklahoma Nights, Book 2)
One Good Girl…
After her sister snags a hot Oklahoma cowboy, Emma Hart figures it’s her turn to saddle up. And with two country boys pursuing her at once, she’s in for a wild ride…
Two Sexy Guys...
Lieutenant Colonel Logan Hunt can’t deny the heat between him and Emma is fierce. But Logan isn’t looking for anything serious…just a chance to blow off some steam. So why is he crazy jealous when he sees pro bull rider Jace Mills trying to charm Emma into bed?
Winner Takes All…
Logan knows he and Emma could have something special—and not just because she’s smokin’ hot.   Now he has to find a way to prove that even a no-strings-attached guy like him can stick around for the long haul…
 “Cat Johnson knows cowboys and the Oklahoma Nights series is a must read for fans of western romance.” ~ Lorelei James, NY Times Best Selling author 
Barnes & Noble


College Professor from New York, Becca Hart is not having a good day. All at once her life turns upside down between work and her personal life that all she would like to do is cry when she loses her job and her boyfriend. When her older sister, Emma suggests that she apply for a teaching position at OSU in Oklahoma  Becca thinks Emma is off her rocker. What would a city girl do in Oklahoma? Unbeknownst to Becca, Emma sends in Becca's resume to OSU and receives a phone call requesting an in person interview for an associate position. Well of course Becca can't pass that up since she had not even reached that level at Vassar, so she and her sister, hop a plane and head to Oklahoma.

Their first evening there, they attend the local rodeo where they are spotted by two handsome cowboys the minute they walk in. Bull rider, Tucker Jenkins has been without a woman for way too long. An Army Staff Sergeant, Tucker returns from a deployment to find his wife with another man. After a divorce, Tucker swears off relationships, but a hot fling with a gorgeous New Yorker might be just the thing he needs.  So as the title suggests, Becca has her one night with her cowboy and does it turn out to be one sizzling trip between the sheets and then some, but Becca expects nothing more as she is returning to New York the next morning. Tucker admits to himself that he's never had a night like that in his life, but in the morning when Becca walks out the door, he is sure whatever they shared was over.

Weeks later after Becca has moved to Oklahoma, having accepted the position at OSU, she cannot get her mind off her cowboy. Guess what? Tucker has been having the same malady and when he appears at Becca's welcome mixer on the OSU campus, Becca is shocked when she finds that her cowboy is also military and a coach at the University.  When they both realize that spark is still there, they wonder if being friends with benefits is the route to take. Becca having just gotten out of her relationship in New York, and Tucker being divorced makes the two reticent to admit that they are indeed falling for one another. Will the country boy and the city girl come to terms with their feelings? Will all they ever be is friends between the sheets? Pick up Cat Johnson's One Night With A Cowboy today to find out.

I enjoyed this book so much. From the title, ONE NIGHT WITH A COWBOY, I expected it to be a straight forward Western Romance but quickly found out it is much more. Cat Johnson is a goddess at writing sizzling sex scenes that make the heartbeat accelerate along with a great love story. Her characters are real and have great senses of humor that make the reader want to come back for more. Now I only have to wait until September for the next installment of the Oklahoma Nights Series? UGH, I don't think that's going to be possible!

5 Stars (Hook Line and Sinker)

4 Orgasms Read (Awesome!!!)

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