Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Review of Pleasured by Candace Camp

Just as the Munro women who came before her, Meg Munro has been the healer for the people of Kinclannoch in the beautiful Scottish highlands. The beautiful Meg lives carefree  and answers to no one, exactly like her mother and her mother before her. Munro women do not marry, even if they find true love. 

The minute the widowered Damon, the earl of Marduin returns to his family estate with his young daughter in tow, he sees the village healer he has to have her in his bed. His pursuit of the high spirited lass however is riddled with constant refusal. Damon isn't used to being turned down and he steps up his quest for her surrender consumes him to distraction. 
Even though Meg suffers a strong attraction to Damon, she resists.  Damon's belief that since Meg lives on her own and comes and goes as she pleases, that she is no innocent. This does not help his pursuit.

When Meg can no longer resist Damon, they both experience passion neither knew could exist, but what is a lowly village healer and an Earl to do when so much rides against them? Sometimes passion and desire isn't enough to overcome  differences. Or can it? Find out by grabbing Pleasured by Candace Camp to find out.

Pleasured by Candace Camp is a sweeping historical romance that uses the beauty and mystery of the Scottish highlands to bring together two people of such different worlds. From the very first I adored Meg Munro and her tenacious will. Who wouldn't love a carefree slip of a woman who goes by the moniker Red Meg Munro? Meg's beauty and intelligence melt the earl's cool exterior until she has him firmly under his spell. Damon is not your typical peer of the realm and his relationship with his daughter and those around him proves that. His dark and brooding figure commands attention but Meg will not fawn over him. I love the jibes and banter between them. It adds so much to story, and what a wonderful story it is. 


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