Monday, March 9, 2015

GUEST REVIEW: One Night with a Santini (The Santinis #8) by Melissa Schroeder

Brando Santini was nerdy in college. He wanted to be a teacher but joined the Marines instead. This trip to New Orleans was going to be time spent with his friends before heading east to take a job teaching ROTC at the University of Maryland. Not looking where he was going, he bangs into someone. Looking up to apologize, he realizes that he knows the person, Kaitlin Fitzpatrick.

Brando has had a crush on Kaitlin Fitzpatrick since college. Unfortunately, Kaitlin was engaged, so it was hands off. During a trip To New Orleans, Brando runs into Kaitlin who is attending a speech therapist conference. They get together for drinks. During the conversation over drinks, Brando finds out that Kaitlin never married. One thing leads to another after a few drinks and they end up in bed. Kaitlin thinks it is a one night stand, but Brando has other ideas. Kaitlin is the one for him. Once a Santini finds "the one", nothing will stop them from going after what they want.

Kaitlin realizes that she also has feelings for Brando. During their conversations, she asks Brando where he is going to be living in Maryland. He tells her that he doesn't have a place yet. Kaitlin offers him a place to stay, her place. nerves set in as Kaitlin awaits Brando's arrival. She is feeling sick, thinking she has probably caught what is going around. After a while, she realizes that she is not sick, but pregnant with Brando's baby. When Brando finds out, he tells Kaitlin that they are getting married, he doesn't ask her. Needless to say, this leads to many arguments.

Once again, Melissa Schroeder has out done herself with the Santini saga. I love this series. Both Kaitlin and Brando come from large, nosey and interfering families. The secondary characters along with the dialog between these characters provide the reader with some comedic relief as Kaitlin and Brando deal with the dynamics of living in large protective families. This is a story about love, loyalty, family and a sense of duty while finding your happily ever after. I highly recommend this story and look forward to the next Santini finding "the one"


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