Monday, October 12, 2015

Conqueror's Kiss by Hannah Howell

This re-issue from 2006 from Hannah Howell is an intriguing look into the conflict between the Scots and English, this time taking place in the 1300's.

Janette Graeme has been through much already in her young life. The young woman has been hidden away in a convent practicing her healing craft when a band of Scots invade the town and the convent, leaving many dead and many as slaves. The moment burly and dangerous, Sir Hacon Gillard sees Janette, he claims her for his own. Unlike his other fellow knights, Hacon does not force himself on Janette Graeme, even though he yearns for her. Instead, the wily knight sways her little by little over to his side.

Janette has no trust of men. No matter which side they're on, they are all beasts in her mind, but Hacon Gillard is unlike anyone she has ever met before and the more time in his company, he proves himself worthy of her attentions.  He may have thought she would be a passing fancy, a possession to plunder, but Janette's intelligence and spirit abound, making Hacon think twice about this "plunder", for she is more than meets the eye. 

She wants to hate him, like so many men in her path before have proven to be unworthy, but Hacon is not any other man and his desire for her as well as his loyalty make for a fascinating conquest in Hannah Howell's CONQUEROR'S KISS. 


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  1. Great review, Kim! I am sure I would have been picking this up at Target anyway, once I saw the cover!