Friday, October 9, 2015

The Duke and Miss Christmas (The Heirs' Club of Scoundrels Trilogy #2.5) by Amelia Grey

Yes people, Christmas time is almost upon us and the Holiday reads are here! 

This entertaining novela, THE DUKE AND MISS CHRISTMAS by Amelia Grey is a wonderful holiday fare and a great read in the HEIR'S CLUBOF SCOUNDRELS series.

Crispin, the handsome and lively Duke of Hurst set off on his country holiday.When he comes upon a young lady sprawled out in the snow, a basket of misteltoe and holiday greenery nearby, Crispin has no idea what sort of intrigue he is setting himself up for. As he helps the injured young lady, a frantic young woman attacks him, thinking he is about to do harm to her sister. Crispin takes it all in stride, for this lady is the most interesting morsel he has ever come across.

When Miss Gwen Prim realizes that she attacked a Duke, she attempts to make ammends for her behavior, The Duke of Hurst and Miss Prim discover an attraction that the snow can't melt but only multiplies with the spirit of the holiday season. Their give and take is a wonderful sight to see as Once Crispin sees he wants Gwen, he uses all his wit and charm to overpower the enchanting but determined woman.


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