Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Captain's Christmas Bride by Annie Burrows

Oh did I love how this story progressed! Lady Julia Whitney is so tired of waiting for the man who has been courting her to propose. So she underhandedly concocts a scheme to trap him into marriage by way of a masquerade ball and a compromising position. Dressed up like a courtesan, Julia lures who she believes is her intended into close quarters and a heated interlude that can't be tamed takes place.

Captain Dunbar, a Scot with an attitude was under the impression that the exotically inviting woman he held in his arms and ravaged was indeed a worldly woman. not the virgin he just despoiled and was discovered with by not only her the lady's best friend, but by the very man she had intended to trap. Hmmm curiouser and curiouser this gets by the minute.  Now Captain Dunbar and Lady Julia must quickly marry to save whatever reputation she has left, but she is in denial of all that just happened and he truly just wants to get back to the seas.
When Julia finally comes to terms with the need for marriage, she finds that she was not only betrayed by her best friend, but by the man she wanted to marry as well.  Captain Alec Dunbar watches as Julia seemingly pines over her lost love, and he doesn't understand it one bit. But what's done is done and now as a married couple, Julia and Alec must make the best of it and work their way against a tide of misunderstanding and indifference and see how it all plays out. 

THE CAPTAIN'S CHRISTMAS BRIDE is the first book I have read by Annie Burrows even though I have several on my TBR shelf. After this wonderful read, I am grabbing those books, dusting them off and settling in to enjoy them. Annie Burrows is a fabulous writer with a great voice. I loved this story from beginning to end especially how it drew out every emotion imaginable. 
Bravo to Ms. Burrows. Grab this book as soon as you can and enjoy it!


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