Thursday, October 22, 2015



One thing readers of this blog should know is that we adore Wendy LaCapra. She is not only a great author, but she is a wonderful person. So Book Obsessed Chicks wishes Wendy a Happy Release Week and we hope you enjoy a little Q&A with her. 

1.   Morning, noon or night?

2.  How do you like your steak?
 Medium Rare

3.  Last film that you saw?
The omen (original)

4. TV Show
Brooklyn 99

5.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Right where I am! Or, London.

6. What was breakfast today?
 Coffee x3

7. Favorite cuisine?

8. What kind of car do you drive?
 I take the subway if I can!

9.Favorite clothing accessory?
 Gauzy Mustard Scarf

10.Weapon of choice?
 Scanner, a pile of old pictures & Facebook

11. Gemstone?

12. Sport?

13. Nickname?

 Not right now.

15. Alcoholic beverage?
 All of them, please.

16. Color?
 Wine Red

17. Pet peeve?
 Stores where there isn't a clear check-out line.

18. Flower?

19.The one thing you can’t live without?
 Romance Novels!

20. Last words?
 Thank you for having me!!


 Author Wendy LaCapra is one of the newer voices in historical romance and she is most definitely one of those voices worth paying attention to. THE FURIES SERIES is a fascinating and entertaining trilogy about three best friends who have stood up for one another through their tragedies and triumphs. This third book, DUCHESS DECADENCE, is emotionally charged with loss and indifference then hope and maturity.

Thea Worthington, the Duchess of Wynchester has been estranged from her husband, Wyn for three years, since the devastating miscarriage she suffered during a stressful time when Wyn truly didn't have the maturity or the wherewithal to understand his young wife's loss. 

Now the mystery of Wyn's long thought deceased brother comes to a head when his sudden resurrection has Thea going into a protective mode of her husband, who she never stopped loving. Her brother-in-law is not all Wyn thinks and Thea's knowledge of what he is capable of will have her doing anything to keep Wyn safe.

It's taken time, but the duke has finally come around to understand he wasn't the husband he should have been when Thea needed him the most. Now he has the chance to have a united family along with the brother he thought was dead. Wyn reconciles with his wife and yearns to have that family, but something is going on around him. Wyn's brother is not the same man he knew and when Thea is around him, she is not herself either. To get to the bottom of these deep seeded issues, Wyn will have to come to the realization that all is not perfect in the land of Wynchester. Thea's determination with the help of her dearest friends and their significant others fuel this emotional mystery. Sometimes it takes a rude awakening for a couple to see just how much they mean to one another, and DUCHESS DECADENCE by Wendy LaCapra has more than shown us this very fact.  

DUCHESS DECADENCE by the very talented Wendy LaCapra is a wonderful story fraught with emotion, action and romance. This second chance at love between Wyn and Thea really tugs at the heart. Watching both Thea and Wyn throughout the FURIES series is a delight and when they finally get to have their day in the sun, it's absolutely perfect. I enjoyed immensely all the characters and their play off one another, the FURIES love for one another and their kinship is endearing. DUCHESS DECADENCE is a great read, one I will definitely read again.