Friday, October 2, 2015

Healing Montana Sky (Montana Sky #5) by Debra Holland

This tale of resilience over heartbreak grabbed my attention from the first and did not let go. The opening scene with Antonia burying her dead husband all on her own, sets the mood for this wonderful book.

When Antonia Valleau leaves behind her mountain cabin with her two sons in search of a new a new beginning after the terrible loss of her beloved husband in a hunting accident, she valiantly journeys to the town of Sweetwater Springs to find work to help sustain herself and her infant and young son.

Farmer, Erik Muth gains a daughter but loses his wife in the same day, and if he can't find a woman to feed his infant daughter, he may lose her as well, and that is something he just won't be able to take. Erik takes his newborn daughter and heads into town to find the help he needs for the baby. As fate would have it, Antonia is put in Erik's path for giving the tiny babe a chance at thriving. The only possible way this situation can work is if Erik and Antonia marry, leaving gossip to a minimum while Antonia and her sons move to Erik's farm.   

Uniting two wayward families who are strangers is quite a task that Antonia is quite up to. This resilient woman may not be able to act the proper farm wife, but she can put in a hard days' work as well as a man and make sure the children are well cared for. Erik is left bereft when he loses his wife in childbirth, but his daughter's health and safety are paramount and only Antonia can help with that. At first this arrangement is quite uncomfortable for all involved but with time and work, Erik and Antonia see what they have is a good thing.

When the theft of livestock from surrounding farms leads to mistrust and possible danger in the area, Antonia and Erik must work together to hold their own and keep their new family from harm. When danger comes too close to home, Erik finally understands that what he has been given is a gift from above and he will do what he must to protect it.

HEALING MONTANA SKY by the very talented Debra Holland is a journey that can't be missed. When tragedy strikes, survival is the only option and this story clearly shows how that can be done.I love both Erik and Antonia, as they both have so much pain, but so much capacity for hope. HEALING MONTANA SKY  is eloquent and so well written. It is a story of hope that should be enjoyed by all.

*received via Netgalley for an honest review*


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