Thursday, October 15, 2015

Say You'll Love Me by Ally Broadfield

Lady Abigail Hurst has all her ducks in a row, just like any lady of the ton strives to do. It is her betrothal ball to the man she has always wanted to marry, or so she thought until she finds him in a hallway up close and intimate with his sister's maid. When said maid's body shows up floating in the river, Abigail struggles with her feelings about her fiance and about the engagement. Against her better judgement, she is drawn into supporting her fiance, Robert, until he is either proven innocent or guilty.

Edmund Townsend, the Marquess of Longcroft is a mathematical phenom. If he can't solve anything with a mathematical equation, it doesn't exist, like love. When Lady Abigail comes to him for help in sifting through the muck of this murder case, Edmund can't turn down helping his sister's best friend and the more time he spends in Abigail's company the closer this unlikely pair become. Edmund however, tasks himself with finding his seven sisters husbands before even thinking about taking a wife, but Abigail is never far from his thoughts.

As the investigation continues, Edmund and Abigail's desire for one another begins to soar and Abigail knows for sure, no matter how the case goes, she no longer can marry Robert. Abigail is determined to settle for being a spinster unless Edmund can show her that she is worth much more than she believes.

SAY YOU'LL LOVE ME by Ally Broadfield is a very well written and engrossing read. I actually left another book that I was having difficulty getting through, started this one and was pleased from the get-go. I love the unconventional hero that Edmund is and I like Abigail's ingenuity. This is the first book I have read from Ally Broadfield and I have quickly grabbed her last two reads to catch up on this author I truly enjoyed reading and I eagerly await the next great read from this talented lady! 

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