Saturday, October 31, 2015

Forever and Always (Cactus Creek Cowboys #3) by Leigh Greenwood

Ever since Logan Holstock, aka Elliot Lowe, wealthy Chicago businessman discovered that he only has a few months to live due to a mysterious illness, he leaves his life in the city behind and travels to the small Western town of Cactus Corner to seek out his long lost brothers and prepare for the end. Logan pitches a tent out in the wild and begins his stay. While is town, he happens upon a bank robbery and puts the robbers down. 

Sibyl Spencer becomes a widow the day that she meets the hero stranger at her husband's bank, but this widow isn't about to go into deep mourning over the husband who treated her and their daughter with great disdain. Instead, this courageous young lady picks up the pieces and becomes an independent woman, with the help of Logan, whose background in business is a great help to Sibyl. The more time the pair spend in each other's company, the closer they become, but Logan knows a relationship is only a dream since his time on earth is marked in weeks, even if his only wish is to spend whatever time he has left with her and her daughter.

When the woman Logan left behind in Chicago suddenly appears to convince Logan to return to Chicago, a whole load of trouble begins to stir, but the town makes Logan one of their own and once he find his place, he will struggle to keep it. All he needs is a miracle.

What a wonderful story! Leigh Greenwood's FOREVER AND ALWAYS is a poignant tale of a man who wants to live as he sees fit until his time is up. It's a story of hope and of understanding. Logan Holstock is a formidable man. Finding out of his impending demise doesn't make him retreat from life, it makes him embrace it, it gives him the courage to seek out the brothers he lost early in life. Sibyl didn't know she had it in her to stand up for herself. Going from an overbearing father to an even more overbearing husband could suck the very life out of a woman, but given the chance, Sibyl shines. I love how Sibyl opens her heart and mind to Logan, who feels he looks monstrous with his bloated appearance. She gives him an insight that no one else could. This third installment of the CACTUS CREEK series comes full  circle with the Holstock brothers and their families and it is a wonder to observe.

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