Thursday, April 11, 2013

SLADE by BIANCA D'ARC Reviewed by Cass

Redstone Construction  ran by The Redstone Clan of cougars is a place where shifters can shift without the fear discovery has just learned that the matriarch has been skilled, actually partially skinned while shifting in her cougar form. It is considered a desecration and defilement at the most basic level. And the shifters of Redstone are furious and want vengeance.
Slade is part snowcat considered a holy being has been selected by the Lords because of his tracking skills to help the Redstone Clan find the person or persons who would do such a evil deed. Wanting to help the clan with getting their matriarchs' pelt back so she can rest in peace.
Kate is a priestess who serves the Goddess is performing a cleaning ritual when she feels the evil that has desecrated the matriarch, an evil so intense it almost knocks her out with the shift from good to evil. An evil that pulsates with such power.
When they first meet Slade is unable to take his eyes off of Kate, such beauty with magic the colors of gold, green and sunshine. She even challenges him by holding his gaze. To her Slade is the most intimidating man she has ever met, and when they first touch the sparks are instant and full of heat. They come together to find the evil that has come upon the Redstone Clan.
During their journey to find the ones responsible for bringing evil they also find a good- their love. And along the way there are twists and turns to kill more of the clan. Can they survive the evil themselves and see what this new healing will do for the clan.

I really enjoyed this book and not because I love Bianca D'Arc but because there is something going on with every page that you turn. I enjoy stories that are different, with plots and actual story lines and Bianca has that in Slade. There are a few sex scenes and  even a mĂ©nage, more of the good vs evil and little romance.  There were even a few ' oh no she didn't' moments for me.
I would recommend Slade to my avid reader friends because of all that she has incorporated with in the story. Then y'all will also need to get the next story, Sweeter Than Wine. So go check it out for yourselves.
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  1. Oh I love kitty shifters so will be checking this one out. I haven't read her before. I love those "oh no she didn't" moments too. lol

    Thanks for the heads up!

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