Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Introducing: The Escape (A Prologue): A Mail Order Bride Romance (The Dalton Brides Book 1) by Cassie Hayes, Kirsten Osbourne, Kit Morgan

Greetings to all my awesome followers. Today I would like to tell you about a very exciting collaboration of Western Romance authors, Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes and 
Kit Morgan. 
The Dalton Brides series begins with this great story, The Escape. This tale gives all the little tid-bits about how the Blue sisters up and left their home state of Massachusetts and high-tailed it to the great state of Texas to marry identical triplet brothers, sight unseen. Today we have a spotlight with Author, Kirsten Osbourne then Thursday with Author, Cassie Hayes and wrapping up on Friday, a spotlight with Author Kit Morgan. I hope you enjoy the spotlights and The Dalton Brides series by these great authors.

How can three sisters escape marriage to three old men? Run to Texas and marry three identical brothers!
The Blue sisters are desperate. When terrible lies about Bonnie, Gwen and Libby are spread all over town, a scandal of epic proportions erupts. To save the family from further disgrace, their father promises them to three of the most lecherous old goats in Beckham, Massachusetts. They would do anything to avoid such a miserable fate, including becoming mail order brides.

Walton Dalton, the oldest of identical triplets, has dreams of building a ranching empire in north Texas. He’s claimed his land, but now he needs to convince his brothers to join him. He knows all he has to do is ask for their help and they’ll come, but are Nate and Bart as ready as Walt is to take a wife and settle down? Aw heck, what they don’t know won’t hurt ‘em!

The Escape is the short prologue to three connected books by historical western romance authors Kirsten Osbourne, Cassie Hayes and Kit Morgan.

The Escape (Prologue)
The Rancher’s Mail Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne -  
The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride by Kit Morgan -  

The Drifter’s Mail Order Bride by Cassie Hayes -


  1. Congrats to Cassie, Kirsten and Kit for this great collaboration! Love the concept! Who can resist hot Texas cowboys...and three identical ones? Quick, get me the smelling salts!

  2. I have read all 3 and loved them.The men are tough but the women are tougher.They are 3 totally different stories but complement each other. Have fun reading and make sure your eyes don't get to tired. Get some sleep.

  3. Thanks Margie!!!! So glad you came by

  4. Looks like a great story. I will have to check it out.

  5. I've read all 3 books and they are great, don't miss a minute of them.