Friday, January 2, 2015

REVIEW: How to Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy (The Renegade Royals #3) by Vanessa Kelly

Captain William Endicott is on the verge of finally living his life the way he wants to live it. He is close to leaving his life as a spy and taking up other pursuits when his father, the Duke of York, to delve into a rumor of a planned assassination of someone of importance. When the Duke tells William that his former beloved is possibly linked to this plot, William will do all he can to get to the bottom of devious plan and clear Evelyn Whitney of any wrong-doing. But William is not particularly sure if Evie will even accept his presence since her left her heartbroken years ago.

Evie Whitney is no longer the shy and proper maiden that William fell in love with. She is unconventionally involved with a charity that involves her with all walks of life, which could be to her detriment, and she is now engaged to the founder of the charity. When William discovers her betrothal, old feelings become new when faced with the beauty and the dilemma. They were both innocents when they first declared their love for one another and circumstances came between them which created anguish for both Evie and William. Now, the more they are thrown together in this plan to stop a crime, the more that William realizes Evie has always been his one and only love. Seeing Evie with her betrothed bothers William so, that he occasionally acts the fool. Thank goodness his cousin Alec, another bastard son of a royal, has a clear head to knock some sense into William.

Evie and her twin Eden are as different in demeanor as they are similar in appearance but they are also the best of friends and will do anything for the other, even if it means switching identities. Eden is somewhat of a fireball with her outspokenness and her carefree style. She appears consistently irked by Alec's presence and the comic relief from their being thrown together makes this story all the more enjoyable. 

How To Plan a Wedding for a Royal Spy by Vanessa Kelly is the third book in the Royal Renegades series. This book was not my favorite of the series so far, but it is a solid and interesting tale. Evie Whitney's inconsistency and woes me about her fiance vs. her ex-love make me want to smack some sense into her. Happily, Eden takes care of that in some ways and I am more intrigued now for her story. Alec and Eden already have sparks flying with their few meetings so far, I cannot wait for them to be thrown together for their own tale. I enjoyed William as a whole. He genuinely felt sorry for the way he left things with Evie, and his attempts to make things right with her is a lovely part of the story. I look forward to more of the Renegade Royals.


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