Friday, September 11, 2015

Captivated by a Lady's Charm (Lords of Honor #2) by Christi Caldwell

"No Scandals. No elopements or rushed marriages. You are to be everything and all things proper..."

CAPTIVATED BY A LADY'S CHARM by Christi Caldwell, is a book I set aside everything I was doing and every ARC I was reading to give my full attention, and I am so very glad that I did.

Being a member of the scandalous Tidemore family is a very difficult task indeed when it comes to dealing with the ton. As a family, they are as close a family can be with each loving the other, warts and all. Unfortunately the multiple scandals hang over the heads of the three unwed sisters and Prudence's coming out is destined to be a difficult one with the unscrupulous misses whispering idle chatter within hearing distance. However, Prudence will not be cowed, for ever since she met a certain gentleman outside a London shop, her aspirations have improved.

War hero and new Marquess of St. Cyr, Christian Villiers is in quite a quandary. His estate is three months from ruin and against his better judgement, the only way out of the predicament is to marry a wealthy lady. His requirements are a little off for a man in the market for a wife, for Christian wants no innocent miss with stars in her eyes for the publicly acclaimed hero, he wants a loveless marriage with the sole purpose of saving his mother, sister and a menagerie of household servants who mean more to him that he lets on.  The only problem is, a fascinating lady named Prudence who nowhere fits the mold of the prim and proper ladies of the ton, has captured his attention and thoughts of her threaten to throw him off course.

It takes a waltz for Prudence to realize what she wants, and oh a lady who knows what or whom she wants can be a dangerous creature. With the knowledge her brother, Sin and their mother believe St. Cyr to be a fortune hunting rogue, Prudence uses her common sense to convince herself and those around her that the marquess is what she wants. 

Haunted by the memories from his past, Christian cannot seem to let the light in when it comes to Prudence. She deserves more than the rogue, who even though is hailed as a hero, thinks he is no more than a coward. Pluck and determination along with a large dose of optimism has Prudence seeking out what she wants. The only thing is, she has to convince Christian that he wants her as well. With the weight of what seems like the world on his shoulders, it takes a lot of persuasion for the marquess to see what's in front of him.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than the first book in the Lords of Honor series, SEDUCED BY A LADY'S HEART, gifted author, Christi Caldwell has blown me away with CAPTIVATED BY A LADY'S CHARM. There are no words to express how much I enjoyed this book with it's engrossing characters and brilliant storyline. Prudence was not one of my favorite characters in the first book, she was a brat. My how she has matured and become such an enthralling woman. Christan's will to steer clear of this intriguing lady, is in vain because Prudence Tidemore has more resolve in one pinkie, than the whole of London's ton. Christi Caldwell's voice is a powerful one and her tales are meaningful as well as entertaining. I am ashamed to say I only discovered this oh-so-talented writer earlier this Summer, but made quick work of binge reading her library of wonderful stories. Maybe it's just me, that I have connected to Ms. Caldwell's writing so powerfully that this lady can do no wrong, but I don't think that is the case. Christi Caldwell has earned her way to the top of my list of favorite authors and there she will remain. Grab CAPTIVATED BY A LADY'S CHARM and see for yourself. 



  1. Fabulous review and I agree 200%. Christi sure knows how to blow her readers out of the water such beautiful and fascinating stories!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Heather for stopping by and taking a look at my review... :)

    2. Wow, Heather!! What an amazing compliment! Thank you so, so much for the wonderful words about my stories!!

  2. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to review "Captivated by a Lady's Charm" and share on your blog! I'm so honored you set aside your reading for Pru and Christian's story! Tremendous hugs!