Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Scandalous Proposal of Lord Bennett by Raven McAllan

Lady Clarissa Macpherson has no plans to wed. Considering the men available she really has no interest. At a ball she is accosted by a drunken gentleman who seeks have his way with her, only his actions are thwarted by handsome rake, Lord Theodore Bennett. When Lord Bennett and the exasperated Clarissa are found in a room alone and in compromising position, Ben foils the wagging tongues of the ton and insists Clarissa is his betrothed.

An angry and confused Clarissa wants nothing to do with the honor of becoming Ben's lady. She doesn't want to be a trial and force the man into marriage. But like dislike it as she may, in a whirlwind, Clarissa becomes Lady Bennett and the two need to come to terms with each other as a couple. Clarissa insists that this tiger cannot change his stripes and in no time he will be taking up with his mistresses and setting his vows aside. Clarissa however, admittedly doesn't know her groom, because he plans to stay true to his vows, even if he hasn't said so. Unfortunately, after a less than pleasant wedding night which has the groom passing out from too much liquor and the bride still a virgin, this sets the tone for things to come.

Communication is quite an issue with these two, especially with Clarissa constantly taking swipes at the husband who is trying to get through his wife's thick facade. The tit for tat this couple share on a daily basis is tiring and they really must find a way to compromise and become a content married couple.

While THE SCANDALOUS PROPOSAL OF LORD BENNETT by Raven McAllan is an entertaining read, I did find the constant battle between Clarissa and Ben to wear thin. For all his trying to appease his wife, her refusal to see what is clearly in front of her grated on me a bit. I really enjoyed Ben's character very much and in my eyes, the man could do no wrong. My issue was with Clarissa and how I didn't much like her until she showed gumption and went to help her friend. Ms. McAllan's writing is very good and I will read more from her. 


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