Tuesday, September 1, 2015

RELEASE DAY BLISS: Broken Play (Birmingham Rebels #1) by Samantha Kane

The Birmingham Rebels football team is basically the end of the line for many players, but new assistant coach, Marian Treadwell is trying to change that. She's also caught the eye of offensive lineman Cass Zielinski who has  plans for the attractive coach, hoping as well to draft his buddy, Beau Perez in on the action. These BFF's are attached at the hip and when they set their sights on Marian, it's game on.

While in college, Marian went through an unspeakable event that shapes her entire life. Being tossed aside by her football coach, father has given her the drive to prove to him she is much more than he thinks she is, and being given the chance to help coach the Rebels is an opportunity of a lifetime. When Marian realizes that Beau and Cass want more than to go by the playbook. Sure, these boys have a reputation for having a good time, but can they prove to Marian that what they want is something more than a passing fling? 

Marian's deepest, darkest fantasies are a little kinkier than most and they begin to boil over when she realizes that Beau and Cass feed her needs to a T, but she is also a catalyst for Beau and Cass' coming to terms with their relationship. Not only do they take care for each other when the going gets rough, they truly care for each other in a way that Marian understands. Relationships are hard enough when it comes to a couple, but bring in a third party and there is a whole lot going on. Cass really wants their relationship to work, but Marian is holding back and until she lets go of the past, she will never be able to commit to what all three inevitably need.

As a reader who first of all reads very few contemporary romances, and knows nothing about the sport of football, I was pleasantly surprised when I delved into BROKEN PLAY by Samantha Kane, who is also one of my favorite historical authors to date. I adore the fact that Marian loves football and is doing a job she is passionate about. That is my primary draw to her, along with the fact that she came though a horrible crime and instead of losing herself, she triumphs over her adversity. Cass and Beau are two pretty sexy alpha males who are hard to miss and easy to fall for. The men play so well off each other, their camaraderie is infectious. I enjoy the fact this book takes place pre-season so the reader has a chance to get to know the ins and outs of the Rebels. BROKEN PLAY is a sizzling read that should not be missed. 


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