Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lena's Courage (Spirited Hearts Series Book 2) by Ruby Merritt GUEST REVIEW BY JOANN M.


Six years ago, Lena Schuler fled Cheyenne to escape the man who brutally stole her innocence. Now, believing her attacker has left Cheyenne for good, she's returned to build a life for her and her son.

Attorney Lucas Kline has established a new identity and is making his mark as a trial lawyer in the burgeoning rail town of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Fighting to escape the guilt from his past, he's determined to help shape the emerging territory into a law-abiding state.

When Lena's attacker threatens the security of her son and others in the community, will she find the courage to face him in order protect those she loves? Can she trust Lucas to defend her secret before a township filled with doubt? Or will the guilt from Lucas' past blur the lines between justice and vigilantism?


A beautiful story about a young woman, 16 year old Lena Schuler. She left her home and family to cover her shame of rape and subsequent pregnancy. She planned to give her baby up for adoption but changed her mind.

After six years she returns to her former home of Cheyenne and to her family. She is dumbfounded to see her rapist has also returned to her town. She meets a young lawyer Lucas Kline who also has many things from his past he is hiding from as well.

This is a love story but in essence it is human triumph over adversity. The aftermath of rape is and was a stigma for the victim which is still unconscionable. Lucas brings the rapist to justice as a result of Lena's testimony.

I like the style of this author very much and I would highly recommend this book for all ages.

~ JOANN M. ~

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