Monday, September 7, 2015

High Country Hideout (Covert Cowboys, Inc. #7) by Elle James


Former Army lieutenant, Angus Ketchum thought the military was going to be his career, but when he lost his leg in an explosion in Afghanistan, his life would change forever. Hired by Covert Cowboys Inc. to discover the strange accidents going on at the Last Chance Ranch in Colorado, Angus heads there wary of his abilities when the going gets tough. When he discovers that the ranch owner is a woman with spunk, he's taken for a loop.

Last Chance Ranch owner, Reggie Davis has been widowed for a year. Her husband Ted died in a tragic accident and now it's up to Reggie to preserve the ranch for their son Tad to inherit. Reggie brushes off the the accidents but her aging foreman, CW Reinhardt is not so sure. CW and his wife Jo, the housekeeper/cook, worry that someone wants harm to come to Reggie and the Last Chance Ranch, so much that CW calls in help in the form of Angus Ketchum. 

Still mourning her husband's loss, Reggie can't understand her sudden interest in the handsome cowboy who was hired as a ranch hand. Sure, he's hit it off immediately with her five year old son and he's thoughtful and respectful, but can Reggie move on? When the accidents turn personal and Reggie is actually injured, Angus' instincts and skills are needed to keep Reggie and Tad safe from whatever wants to hurt them and the sooner he finds out who is behind the incidents, the better off they will all be. 

HIGH COUNTRY HIDEOUT by Elle James is fast moving and exciting. Angus Ketchum's character is honorable and lovable. He doesn't feel sorry for himself for losing his leg and never uses it as an excuse. Reggie is one tough cookie when it comes to Tad and the ranch, but underneath that tough exterior is a woman who needs the love of a good man, and that's just what Angus appears to be. All the secondary characters make this story an interesting and great read from beginning to end. 
Elle James has another winner with 



  1. This sounds interesting. I have been drawn to stories lately of war vets who are disabled one way or another. Thank you for this. I am adding this to my TBR list.

  2. Adding this book to my TBR list. I enjoy books by author Elle James.