Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Good Earl Gone Bad (Lords of Anarchy #2) by Manda Collins

Lady Hermione Upperton has gone against all convention in being admitted membership into the Lords of Anarchy driving club. The lone female in the club sets out for her first outing with the group when her team gets confiscated by the man who won the horses from Hermione's addicted gambler father. Angered and ashamed of what jut happened out in public and full view of the ton, Hermione's friends accompany her away from the park.

Jasper Fawley, the Earl of Mainwaring doesn't agree with the Lords of Anarchy admitting Hermione into the fold, but his feelings for her are not changed by her admittance. Mainwaring admires the lady with all her spirit ans determination and is quite put off by the incident precipitated by her fool of a father. Jasper has an affection for gaming as well, and his talent at cards is quite amazing, but he is nothing like Hermione's father, who more times than not comes away the loser.

In an attempt to free Hermione from Upperton's downfall, Jasper wins her hand in a game of cards. How will the lady who is so against gambling feel about the wager and finding herself betrothed to a consummate gambler? 

When Lord Saintcrow, the very man who wins the driving team from Upperton is found dead, Lady Hermione finds herself suspect to the murder. Mainwaring will do what he must to protect the woman who is so quickly stealing his heart. Solving the crime and finding the murderer and holding on to his new wife becomes Jasper's quest,

GOOD EARL GONE BAD by Manda Collins is the second tale in the Lords of Anarchy series. This story with it's stubborn Lady Hermione and the honorable Lord Mainwaring is a slow but steady pace to the finish. Once the pawns were quite clear, the story became more of interest and the simmering romance made it a nice ride. 


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