Friday, September 18, 2015

Deceived (The Wicked Woodleys 2) by Jess Michaels

Jess Michaels never fails to do me in with each and every book she writes. DECEIVED the second in the Wicked Woodleys series in no exception with her wonderful writing and her passionate love scenes. 

Evan broke her heart when she was just an impressionable child with stars in her eyes for the handsome boy a few years her senior. The fallout from his betrayal over a decade before still follows Josie Westfall with quips from the ton and has affected her in every facade of her life. Josie so far has done a good job of steering clear of the man who happens to be her best friend's brother. The disappearance Evan's sister Claire has been a tragedy that has hung between she and the family for a few years now.

No matter how many times Evan Hartwell, Lord Woodley attempted to apologize to Josie over the years, his apologies fell onto deaf ears. Josie would never forgive him for the awful things he said when they were younger, and now the prospect of seeing her at his sister Audrey's wedding is leaving a bad taste in his mouth. 

When Josie and her mother come to Audrey's wedding Evan realizes that she is much changed in the years since he has seen her and for some reason, his attraction to her simmers under his skin. Josie still has feelings for Evan, willing them away do no good, only avoidance seems to be key. 

Evan's brother Gabriel, who is also sister Claire's twin is coming to the end of his ropes with need to find his sister. Knowing that Josie and Claire were best of friends, and noticing that Josie still has eyes for Evan, Gabriel devises a plan which will use Josie's attraction to Evan in order to extract information that could lead to Claire's whereabouts. At first Evan is game, but the more time he spends in her company the more he is attracted to Josie.

Their desire for one another ignites to a full flame with Evan and Claire sharing themselves most intimately. Evan knows what he has to do, but marriage isn't what Josie set out for with Evan, especially a marriage without love. But marriage is what will be between Evan and Claire and now Evan must convince his hesitant wife that he did not just marry her for honor. 

Once again author, Jess Michaels has drawn me in to her carefully constructed web and I am always happy to be captured. The mystery of Claire continues and her disappearance creates conflict in the Woodley household. Evan's character comes a long way from the teen who insulted his sister's best friend to the man who yearns to do right by his wife and find his lost sister. Josie also has a lot of growing up to do in this story. Letting go of the past is a difficult thing for someone who always feels people are deceiving and underhanded. I love her and her journey into matrimony... Once again, a great tale by a wonderful author. 


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  1. This sounds really great, I like ready stories that take place in this era. Thanks for the review!