Sunday, September 6, 2015

The #BOC Best of Summer ~ The Maid's Quarters (Crawford Family #2.5) by Holly Bush ~ with a little giveaway

Alice Porterman is a proud woman, regardless of her meager upbringing. When she arrives back home to help her mother ailing brother, Alice is enraged to find that her family has been evicted from the apartment they have been renting for so many years. Apparently a new landlord has taken over and his agent says Alice's mother is behind in the rent. Clearly a woman of action, Alice seeks out the landlord and is more than surprised at what she finds, after being snubbed by the snide agent.

Albert Donohue has made quite a name for himself in his young lifetime. Albert is a rising star amongst the Boston upper class, but not by sitting on his behind and living off of other's work. This man doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and breaking a sweat. When he meets the feisty Alice Porterman she immediately stirs feelings in him he didn't know her could possess. After discovering his agent has been bilking his tenants out of hard earned money, Albert strives to correct the ills done to Alice and her family all while his feelings for her grow by the minute.

Albert is a goner when it comes to the pretty, auburn haired Alice, but she refuses his advances, even though she feels more for him than she lets on. Alice is hiding something from her suitor that if revealed may change the way he feels for her. For as spirited as Alice is, she is also sensitive after all she has been through in her short life, opening up and allowing Albert in, could make or break her.

THE MAID'S QUARTERS by the eloquent Holly Bush is another notch in this author's belt of  wonderful reads. Holly Bush is unafraid to take her characters where many others only dare. This story is well written and full of emotion, it is entertaining and fascinating. This continuation of Ms. Bush's Crawford series is a story not to be missed, just as the previous Crawford tales. Telling a tale like this in a novella can be difficult for any author, but Holly Bush has done it, and done it well.... as usual. 


Holly Bush at Philly Author Fest 2014
The Maid's Quarters by Holly Bush is out now and for a limited time is 99 pennies! Check out Holly's other titles on her website: 


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  1. Thanks, Kim! Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy Alice and Albert's story!

  2. Hi Holly! This looks like another winner for you!

  3. This book sounds very interesting, I like the thought that she will be a maid.

  4. Looking forward to reading this one. It is very interesting.

    1. Thanks for checking it out! I love all of Holly's books!

  5. Looking forward to reading this book. Holly is an amazing writer.