Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Scandal Before Sunrise, Book 1 of The Weekly Scandal by Sabrina Darby

After leaving her London season with shades of scandal on her tail, the notoriously fun-loving Abigail Billings has returned after three years in self imposed exile to find herself a husband. The group of friends she had spent her previous season with cannot reconcile the Abigail of yesteryear to the one they now see. She is much changed from the fun seeking lady who used to laugh and enjoy herself to the demure and staid woman she has become. Abigail has her reasons, and those reasons will guide her to her happily ever after or her unhappy matrimony. Time may be running out for Abigail to marry well before true scandal hits London and leaves her without options.

The Honorable Elliot Jones has returne from war and seeks to live life to the fullest. Not a thought to settling down, he is drawn for some reason to the seemingly prim Abigail Billings by her reputation. After a dance with the lady, he realizes that she is indeed hiding her true self underneath the proper exterior and his is determined to bring out Abigail's true self before she attaches herself to anyone in marriage. The only problem is, for as much as Elliot wants to remain a bachelor, Abigail is getting under his skin to the point where he wants her to wife, but convincing the reformed lady that he is the one for her is quite the journey. 

SCANDAL BEFORE SUNRISE by Sabrina Darby is a novella that was previously in a boxed set. It has been reworked and released on its own. I have to admit I had a difficult time keeping interest in this tale. I kept putting the eReader down and came back to it more than a few times. I didn't connect with the characters as I would have liked to and it wasn't until I was more than 60% of the way through that I began to enjoy the story. I do like Sabrina Darby's books and will definitely read more from this author.


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